Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park
Volunteer Mounted Assistance Unit

Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.
Volunteering is considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life.

Bonelli MAU is a Volunteer organization.

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Welcome to the Bonelli MAU!

Information is currently limitied as the Mounted Assistance Units are are completeing a re-certification process and awaiting a new manual identifying MAU processes and precedures.
However, please feel free to attend
a Bonelli MAU meeting, just click 'Meetings' above for dates and directions.

About the Bonelli Mounted Assistance Unit

"MAU members are not peace officers, and should not become physically involved in any problems observed on park property".

"The MAU is a volunteer organization under the supervision of County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation Volunteer Program. The purpose of the MAU is to patrol the trails on horseback and to ensure the safety of all users by reporting any hazards or dangerous situations found in the park or on the trail system. The MAU also assists park visitors in their efforts to enjoy their leisure time during their visits."

The Bonelli Park MAU patrols their own "
Home Park" but they may patrol other regional parks, at no cost, within Los Angeles County. The Bonelli MAU has its own personality just like any volunteer organization. Our MAU is very socially active and in addition to the MAU activities at Bonelli Park some members spend weekends riding & camping at locations all around Southern California! Click Here to get a brief description of what we do.

Yes, there
are requirements to join and to remain a member of Our Unit. Each Member must complete an Orientation Ride, process the proper paperwork, certify on their horse as a Team. Once Certified there are requirements to remain a member of Our Unit. Members must participate, attend meetings, patrol a required number of hours per month, participate in training, participate in group rides maintain an ETI membership, current First Aid & CPR certification and a current LA County ID.

Bonelli Park also appreciates the our MAU's assistance and participation during key events at the park, but HEY, any reason to ride is a great one...Right!! Examples would be the semi-annual Antonovich Trail Dusters Rides, Jazz Fest West at Bonelli, Boy Scout Jamborees and other special events. Events like these are why we train several times a year ask any of our members this training pays off!

Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, no meeting in December, at the Frank G. Bonelli East Shore RV Park Recreation Center at 1440 Camper View Road in San Dimas, Ca 91773. Click Here for driving directions, enter your home address in the box labeled 'A'.

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