✨My Basketball Player Boyfriend Part 2!!😖💗 •||GLMM||• (Gay Love story)16k subs special (read desc)


Thank you thank you thank youuu 😖💗….I LAB YALL…

I dont owe the background music
Dont watch my video if your not interested
Dont watch this video if hate gays
Dont watch if you dont want cringy video

  1. • Joanna • says

    Uhm..- maybe i made a little bit lazy..?

    I dont know but i think this is not good than the first one 😆

    Thank you all!!🥺💖

  2. dena bakhashwin says

    Omgggg am am waiting for part ✨✨💕💕💕💕

  3. Toast_the_Imposter says

    Can you do a part 3with them and da kids,if they do get kids,oh and,shout out? 🥺

  4. Alex Buenaflor says

    Sanaol pashout out hihi

  5. Eevee Cat says

    Me:*sees there is a new student, also sees he likes Haru*
    Me:*talks to computer screen* ruin my ship mr.child-hood best friend, and I BUST UR KNEE CAPS
    Me:*sees him confess to Haru and gets ready to snap so necks >:)*
    Movie:*makes Haru friend zone martin*
    Me: Or we could do that

  6. jvxdt. sh4f_ says

    Shout out season 2 please 😭

  7. •Toested Sunflower• says

    Ate sakin nalang po si martin HAHAHAHHAA

  8. Midnight_ Phoenix45 says

    I just noticed I watched part 2 first xD

  9. Josie Caudill says

    Pa shoutout po pwees:<

  10. •Milk Tea• says

    Girl You gave me a mini heart attack at the end

  11. XxPotato_loser Lol says

    Honestly I wouldn’t of gotten back with haru like I get that’s his childhood best friend but still you have a boyfriend you shouldn’t get that close to anyone else but that my opinion😒

  12. The Dank Memer says

    AheMmMm jOanNnAaaaaaa
    CaN i HaVe a ShOuT oUT
    CaUsEee- i FeEl LiKe iT
    (First time asking for shout be like-)

  13. • Star & Light • says

    Yay part 2 I didn't realize that this story has a part 2. Im so happy 😆

  14. XxAsyurgaLigaddung AlexaGachaxX says

    I dont know…but they look like Drarry

  15. ꨄ Banana Besties ꨄ シ says

    Walang anuman ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

  16. Jibran mohammed says

    its so good pls shout out me i love ur vids:(

  17. - •Bakugou_Malfoy• - says

    Ok l still can't believe l just watched this 👀

    Why YouTube let me down? 😶

    You deserve it!! 👏🏻

  18. Blue_ berrie says

    Hi po( º﹃º )

  19. Anissa Darden says

    Yasssss I’ve been waiting for this part 2 :>

  20. Krisnnette Rodriguez says

    Can I please get a shout out

  21. Joyce Menjivarmartinez says

    Gimme shout Out


    I’m cool ✨🌸❤️

  22. sempai blood says


  23. Skele Read says

    shout out paré na inis na ako >:<

  24. Angel Mae And Jerome Channel says

    oooooy shout out naman

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