1. Cameron Johnson says

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  2. Marquan Bryant says

    one way to beat a 1-3-1 zone defense is by having two of the big guys 4/5 to come and get the ball from 1/2 which one who haves the ball and 1/2 go in the back and makes good cuts and get open on the three point line and the big guys 4/5 make good passing plays up top to 1/2 that is down bottom making good cuts to get a three point or a 2 pointer but ones the big guys 4/5 get the ball out there hands and make a good pass to 1/2 they got to make sure that they block real good up top and not draw a foul so when they block real good up top so they want get to 1/2 and they will make the three pointer or the two pointer better and get open better than being trap just passing the ball up top of the key the three point line to each other like as i see but another thing is if 1/2 miss the shot ones they get open the big guys 4/5 got to hury down bottom to get the re bound and put in up or just pass it to 1/2 and go up and get the ball and help 1/2 so they can go down bottom and break off the defense making good cuts to the three point or to the 2 pointer and the big guys 4/5 make a good pass right back again and you when like that vs the 1-3-1 zone defense i study this it works i have been in that problem before with my team home work man home work that's all it is home work studying and being smart and passing to win the game

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