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TRANG, THAILAND (ตรัง) – Welcome to Trang in Southern Thailand! The city is just big enough to have plenty of things to do and lots of delicious food, but not too big to be overwhelming. Along with the day market, restaurants, and street food stalls, Trang is home to a number of Thai night markets – where you’ll find an assortment of things, but mostly delicious Thai food. In this video we’re going on a night market tour of Trang. We’ll go around two of the main night markets for some amazing street food!

1. Center Point Night Market (ตลาด เซ็นเตอร์พอยท์ ตรัง) – We started off this Thai street food tour at Center Point Night Market (ตลาด เซ็นเตอร์พอยท์ ตรัง) which is a laid back walking street night market especially catering to daily dinner needs. You’ll find everything from rice and curry stalls to huge amounts of freshly cooked snacks.

Fried shrimp fritter (กุ้งทอดใบเล็กครุฑ)
Khanom Dok Don (ขนมดอกโดน) – 20 THB ($0.64)
Rice and curry (ข้าวแกง) – Price – 30 THB ($0.96)

2. Trang Railroad Station Walking Street (ถนนคนเดินหน้าสถานนีรถไฟ) – Next up on this Thai street food night market tour, we went to the Trang Railroad Station Walking Street (ถนนคนเดินหน้าสถานนีรถไฟ) which happens on the weekend. The market sets up right in front of the railroad station, an iconic landmark in Trang. Again, you’ll find food of all varieties, from modern snacks to local Southern Thai curry stalls.

Dried squid (ปลาหมึกบด) – 60 THB ($1.92)
Chicken mataba (มะตะบะไก่) – 45 THB ($1.44)

Trang is a great city, friendly, laidback, and with lots of delicious food. When you’re in Trang, don’t miss the laid back night markets!

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    I always looked forward to that to try something different every year. Boo Hoo. 😢 😢 😢

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