10 Foods You THINK Are "Healthy"… WRONG!


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Alpha is not saying not to buy these products — he’s just saying not to believe the hype. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM   & Pedro  Hanley  that some of these foods you THINK are healthy actually AREN’T. Read labels and educate yourself in order to take care of yourself.


1. Sushi — it can be super good for you but super bad if you add a lot of sauce, sugar, fried ingredients, and mayo

2. Deli meat — it’s full of nitrates, sodium, fat, and processed ingredients. It can’t get any worse as far as quality.

3. Diet soda — it has zero calories, but it has ingredients that are not good for your body.

4. Breakfast cereals — they can contain a crap-ton of sugar. Try Magic Spoon which is low carb + high protein, nothing artificial, and tastes delicious — healthy and delicious!

5. Veggie Chips and Skinny Pop — what they do to them to make them ‘veggie chips’ is not healthy (just like potato chips). Also the Skinny Pop has the same nutritional panel as ‘veggie chips’.

6. Diet foods — those that are labeled low fat are often worse for you (increased sugars, higher calories, preservatives). Don’t be fooled.

7. Veggie burgers — soy, salt, and preservatives are not ideal. Look for ones that are made with whole foods, beans, and seeds.

8. Juice — it’s unhealthy. Eat a piece of fruit and drink water instead. Juice has the fiber stripped out with sugar added.

9. Energy drinks — they can have an adverse effect on your heart. If you want energy, drink coffee.

10. Energy bars — most are packed with sugar (they are like a candy bar).

  1. alpha m. says

    Get Magic Spoon’s Best-Selling 4-Pack Variety Box PLUS Free Shipping! Click: https://magicspoon.com/alphamMust use code: ALPHAM

  2. julio Vallecillo says

    $39 for 4 boxes of cereal, you’re kidding me right 🤣

  3. Jesus Ocampo says

    my neighbor died from drinking energy drinks every night, good point.

  4. Rush says

    Imagin if he get sponsor by coke next vid

  5. Elia Duprez says

    So you talk shit about diet coke (for good reasons obviously), then you sell us diet cereals probably packed with the same crappy sweeteners?

  6. Vishwak Venuvanka says

    Hi sir what will happen when 14 years old boy do bodybuilding is their any effect on height growth please sir reply for this comment

  7. Nithin v says

    Talk about caveman skin care regime

  8. Josh Hibbs says

    What does Magic Spoon sweeten the cereal with if they have no sugar?

  9. Peter Aouad says

    The real question is: cereal or milk first

  10. MR King says

    Hey alpha you this video is great I just wish you provided at least some research but over all great vid 👍

  11. Zac Blade says

    WHO APPRECIATES THIS MAN?I'll add the first like

  12. thricepudding says

    I work at a sushi place and I can’t tell you how many times I hear 28 y/o girls like “at least we’re eating healthy” hahah. The sushi rice has so much sugar in it alone.

  13. hadadat1 says

    I food I thought was healthy is kimchi…..and I finally read the label 2 days ago ….and man it has MSG!!!!….. all of them do unless you get the vegan style ones …..and those are absolutelygarbage …..I was heart broken…..

  14. Mike Jett says

    Considered buying some Enemy glasses, until I really looked. All three are designed for strong jawed faces, aka all very round lenses. They look great on our resident Alpha, but I have an oval facial outline requiring a more square or edged set of lenses. I was bummed out. Help a brotha out, Alpha.

  15. Max Kalisch says

    Making a lot of claims about experts without citation. Most of which are also blatantly not true or very over exaggerated.

  16. Derik Saldanha says

    the only cereal I recommend it Nestle Fitness Cereal

  17. Yeet N Skeet says

    10 dollars for cereal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nope

  18. Jeffrey Gallardo says

    My friend died in high school due to monster for drinking three of them had a heart attack. That’s why I don’t drink them

  19. Chetan Sharma says

    Hey alpha , we need a video on indian diet , intro to them is (we literally use hell lot of oil) Regards A young alpha

  20. Rocky Shadow says

    You got it Alpha !👍👍👍I met this sassy seniorita and she drives me crazy !We are into each other so bad… My hole style risen from 6.5 to 11.5 after subscribing to you !

  21. Haron Maaruf says

    I just recently tryna get healthy and my man alpha drops this video to the rescue!🙏

  22. Paul Orlando says

    How much?

  23. Zain Patel says

    So its done cereal always comes first

  24. The Dude says

    If you're looking for energy what I'd recommend is Co……..ffee

  25. David Preciado says

    I’m short ladies and gentlemen if you wanna get lean and get you some spicy senoritas, buy a farm, grow your own food, butcher your own meats, grow a stevia patch and finally you can consume foods that are guaranteed not to contain any chemicals that can bring diseases oh yeah I forgot to mention drop a dome over your land and have air purifiers placed every 30 ft👍

  26. David Preciado says

    40$ for 4 boxes of cereal?! I grew up buying bootlegs like fruity rice, and cinnamon crunch squares you got me f***ed up!!!

  27. אברבוך אורטופדיה says

    Unfortunately two of the things you mentioned are wrong. The first: diet sodas, there is no serious research that was done on the effects of diet sodas or aspartame, all the "information" comes from health websites. The second: veggie burgers, all the misconceptions about soy, were disproven, so not only it isn't bad for you, it actually has nutritional benefits, and it's a very good source of protein.

  28. Mohamed Hussain says

    Alpha is getting sponsors for each and every videos these days it seems !!!!

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