10 Scariest Levels In Non-Horror Games


Where did that come from?!

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  1. Hamster Antic's says

    So like what about the mission in mass effect 3 where you first meet the Banshees?I still get chills thinking about it

  2. PsychoUndSoXD says

    I don't know if this fits the list but "Spec Ops – The line" A great action game but when you find this one room with all the dead people and the mother with her child in arms and then you notice that this was actually your fault." It looks creepy and horrible. But that is a cool list. Especially the MAX PAYNE one. This nightmare get's even worse when you fail and the platforming part and fall down in the endless darkness and than hearing the baby crying way louder.

  3. Planet shashKing says

    This video is Post Half Life Alyx and there is no mention of the Jeff level??Does the Whatculture aware about VR Culture?

  4. kerrumz1 says

    Am I the only one being driven nuts by her pronunciation of Ravenholm?

  5. UnleashTheBeast 1,000 says

    My first fallout game was fallout 4 and I remember the first time I seen gorskys cabin and was terrified

  6. Reaper chris95 says

    One of the hardest thing ive ever done in a game was the infection in mother base especially once i got to the bottom level them all saluting and waiting their turn for a bullet

  7. Ky says

    OMG the flashbacks in Max Payne were literally nightmare fuel especially when I was a kid ?

  8. L337M4573RK says

    Secret Number 11: Being hunted by Queen Vanessa in A Hat In Time.

  9. Yer Moms Babydaddy says

    Yall have the most creative lists

  10. Sono Jester says

    Bottom of the Well… OoT

  11. nong333 says

    Not sure if this counts since it's technically an optional DLC, but I would put in the whole "Dead Money" questline from Fallout New Vegas

  12. FuzzyPyrate says

    Red dead 2: the night folk (canibals that hunt in the swamp in packs at night)

  13. Cathal O' Rourke says

    That level with meeting Craig in Halo Infinite,… shudder

  14. Mahomed Naheez says

    I actually found the Hym haunting Udalryk far scarier then the botchling. Was not expecting that shadow ?

  15. SuntanSuperman8 says

    When the Joker first appeared in Arkham Knight I damn near had a heart attack. You’re loading those canisters, then you turn around and the Clown is right there with a gun in your face

  16. THESMOKEY GUY says

    My feared part in a non scary game is in mafia 3 where Lincoln had to search a abandoned Mardi gras wearhouse to find a hidden cult

  17. N0MAK says

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one scared shitless by that Max Payne level. I used to hide in a room and just stay there and don't go any further.

  18. tommygunn504 says

    Xcom 2 WotC. First mission with the Lost was nightmare fuel. Wanna use a grenade? Noise draws them closer in "waves". Reach the objective? Waves come every turn as you sprint towards evac zone.

  19. krypticavalanch says

    gears 1 factory was scarier than gears 2. resistance 3 farm, zombie bit.path of exile – first time in Luna temple. the crying and screaming of people dying. thousands of bodies everywhere. the pools being blood, not water and monsters that would appear to be body amalgamations.uncharted 1 zombie ape things, night time in dark tunnels and the game gets a change in play style that if your not ready, messes you up. i stopped playing that game as a kid/teen and came back to it later and the uncharted are some of my favourite games.

  20. Jordon Winters says

    Are we going to act like creeping in the sewer section before fighting the "ninja turtle guys" in borderlands two wasn't creepy AF?! The whole conversation between the psychos about who ate mommy's baby bump fucked me up for a while.

  21. larzizn houmo says

    Amnesia water part anyone?

  22. Sentinel King says

    A hat in time queen vanessa manor

  23. John Ludwig says

    I know that it is a horror game but I think that SCP 939’s storage room in SCP: Containment Breach was way scarier than everything else. Most of the game was just a bit unnerving, but 939 was downright terrifying.

  24. clarke510 says

    How are none of the Zelda Ocarina of Time areas on here? The bottom of the well comes to mind pretty sharply.

  25. Paquette Stephen Brett says

    That witcher quest honestly took me a couple days to beat mf sucked

  26. Edwin Urias says

    The Valhalla from Metroid Prime 3 and the Sky Town power station full of Metroids as well! Those places creeped me the hell out!

  27. Martin Duck says

    In the Witcher 3 I found the tower of mice scarier than the weird baron baby. From entering it for the first time and working all the way to the top just had me on edge.

  28. Kieron Iswarlall says

    I agree with the Android graveyard

  29. Acethegamer says

    When she says there’s nothing scary about taking jack fishing:?

  30. Issac says

    That berserker mission in gears 1 was more terrifying than gears 2 abandoned cog posts

  31. McKenzie Sauder says

    Really, any level that involved waist-deep water and something LARGE swimming underneath the opaque surface is enough to make me stop playing a game for an evening and wait until daylight to do it. You know the monster's there, but you just can't see it. That's textbook horror and it works.That crocodile scene in RDR2? No. I will NOT fight that thing for an achieve. I won't even go into that swamp!

  32. Ty Sandifer says

    The Alligator thing in RDR2 is just normal for Mississippi and Louisiana

  33. Obuno says

    If you reference gears than why didn’t you use the first berserker fight that was tense

  34. NE_HIRAGA says

    2:46 lmao she thought she was slick

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