10 Unsportsman-like incidents in Cricket | Simbly Chumma


Cricket is a gentleman’s game or should we say was a gentleman’s game. With the number of sledging, fights, ball tampering, cheating and match fixing going on Cricket has indeed moved to a much darker place. We are not saying all is lost, we are just saying it has evolved into something which is a little scarier.

10 Moments of Unsportsmanship incident in Cricket | Simbly Chumma

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Concept by – Harish.V
Researched by – Harish.V
Narrated by – Vandana
Edited by – Vignesh Ramachandran

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  1. Siva Dinesh says

    Afridi is eating the ball

  2. aarounge says

    Make a video on football ..India has a glorious past in football and it will be very interesting to know about it.

  3. 100% SWAG says

    Unsportmanship award goes to Pakistan ?

  4. durga srinu d says

    In that way first prize goes to asis……

  5. Santhosh Illa says

    The title should be "when the umpires were sleeping……"

  6. Salman S says

    And the best cheaters of all time award goes to non other than Australians

  7. Shrivathsa Merta says

    5:59 Bull shit umpire Asoka Desilva

  8. gav2759 says

    You would never guess that Australians are the descendants of convicts!


    Most unsportmanship are held during an Australian match they seem to win a match by any means fair or unfair disgraceful

  10. shruti sinha says

    Australia like to cheat alot

  11. Bibeesh Y S says

    Only ausies can do…

  12. Bhim Bhandwalkar says

    Commentators don't have guts to talk against the Australia and ponting …!!

  13. Kevin Douglas says

    For the the record! Ian Healy did not miss with the ball he closed his fist and punched the middle stump. and campbell was body checked with a low elbow, obviously the frontal footage of that incident went for a walk and apparently met with foul play.

  14. Arun Kumar says

    12:48 Langer finishes off in style,a magnificent strike on the bails. Australia lift the World's Unsportsmanship Cup every few days, The party starts in the dressing room. ??

  15. Raaja Sundar says

    Any video that ranks 'unsportsman-like conduct' without the infamous Sydney test, where Ponting & co repeatedly cheated, is not credible at all.

  16. Ravi Tiwari says

    I thought, you will mention at no. 1 that moment when srilankan bowler intentionaly bowl a no ball to sahwag, to stop him to complete his century on last ball of inning, when India need just 1 run to win the match,,But you haven't mentioned this incidence in list..According to me, that was the greatest unsporting moment of cricket history..Plz make pàrt 2 and mention this at no. 1…PlzPlsPlz??

  17. darshana Chathuranga says

    where is the ganguly slip catch ? coz he indian ? should be number 01 or 2

  18. Jailsing Pawar says

    Afridi is big cheater

  19. Social Talky says

    Australia.. Australia and Australia everywhere. Oops ! Pakistan too

  20. Arya Roy says

    mid-match snack 1:23

  21. Chinmay Mohanty says

    These rowdy Aussies are a disgrace to the game…Thank god for technology now! Indian team is <3 ..we play with dignity atleast! Would have been happy if the bottle had hit Steve waugh and bounced off to hit Ricky Ponting 🙂

  22. Arther Kishore says

    Unfortunate that none commented on the gesture of the late Hansie Cronje toward the action of the Australian batsman who clearly obstructed the field. That's a gentleman. No doubt, he was involved in match fixing but this was an act that shows that he had a quality before he let himself down and all those who trusted him like me. Another thing is that he is the one of the very few who admitted to his misdeeds. Azharuddin, even yesterday, claimed that he didn't know why he was banned from cricket!!!

  23. Pankaj Badgujar says

    Wtf are the umpires there for. Can't they confirm with third umpires when they are in doubt. Why the arrogance to just give a hasty decision without even confirming in cameras. Those umpires on all occasions should have been fined for such a disgraceful display of their job. And Pollard running into dale steyn wasn't even worth the need to confirm, he should have been given out for obstructing the field.

  24. mahendra manral says

    Always Australians are the ones who are involved in most of the cases. Looks like this is the way they became team of century, when there was no third umpire and less application of technology in cricket.

  25. James Smith says

    So Pakistan and Australia cheating……water still wet

  26. mahesh patil says

    Australian have to be labelled major cheaters in world of cricket…they could stoop to any level just to win

  27. Shubham Shukla says

    All those hating Australia know their team can't win more WC than Aussies.

  28. Shubham Shukla says

    Few of them are unintensional like the wicketkeeper during run out

  29. Paul Searle says

    This is unbelievable u show just a drop in the ocean with this video u cant tell me there is 1 country thats hasn't cheated god pomes with boiled lollies in there pockets all the match fixing done from other teams all this video is doing is showing who they hate and spred there hatred last time i will ever watch from this page and yes the aussies have cheated and payed for it not like a lot off the other teams

  30. Terry Allen says

    The Aussies and the Pakistanis must sit around a table comparing notes on how to cheat.

  31. ViniV 007 says

    Langer unknowingly pulls the bail off. What a joke!??He's the current coach of the Australian team. Ok, now I get it!?

  32. varun sahu says

    One common team featuring more than 4 times.. #Australia… Bloody cheats.

  33. Anku Pandey says

    Ricky ponting worst than Brayan Lara dismissal incident.

  34. Jude Isaak says

    https://youtu.be/pHX_UKYix5s add some of this too

  35. Jude Isaak says

    https://youtu.be/OEyJfqk4zqYWhy isn't any of this included

  36. Rick Khan says

    what about Dennis Lillee obstructing and kicking Miandad

  37. Tushar Saini says

    Nothing wrong with Afghanistan vs Ireland .. A batsman cannot roam around on pitch assuming that it's a boundary ..

  38. piyush marda says

    I was expecting Australia in most of the clips and I was not disappointed.

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