1. Chase W says

    that’s me and i’m in 6th🔥

  2. Mystic_Yeet says

    More like preschoolers

  3. StormZee X1 says

    It is really funny that he lifts his leg to get the basketball through the leg 😂

  4. Mercy Ks1 says

    So true

  5. Bailey M says


  6. Phee Fee says

    There was a rule that if you had the ball then you could sit down and scoot and you could not be touched it was used by dudes that would stand fast. But it was removed I forgot how long ago

  7. Frost Wolf says

    Ok that’s bullshit! 1940 has more physical contact than 2020z

  8. 40 Eridani says

    1940’s mopi is literally just normal mopi

  9. Isaac Howell says

    Who asked for this comparison

  10. Toughguy1331 Ian says

    I need to call cps why you bully a child

  11. Lotus says

    Ngl they dropping off everyone in 2 hype

  12. AlexAndPablo says

    Dunking wasn’t allowed during that time

  13. littlecasino 5 says

    Bruh the hoop like 8 feet tall

  14. Enj VeaRalpho says

    Messed up

  15. Dontthreadonme says

    And in 80years you will be the joke. I’ll laugh at your stupidity ahead of time lol.

  16. TC Flow says

    This is so true

  17. Sup M8 says

    Tbh I don’t think basketball was out in 1940

  18. Jack Munn says

    I hope you know it's like people like you that make cops seem bad but not all cops are bad though that's why we're having a lot of protest right now

  19. Ethancx Fan says

    Jesser has a 10 inch vertical lmao

  20. Jaxon Coffman says

    That is true that is me on my goal

  21. Sole Smacky says

    1940 had good players though

  22. Barbara Kindred says

    The 2020 one was better

  23. Erik & Janine Christensen says

    That is false advertisement

  24. Vlohs FN says


  25. Gabe Vestal says

    Thats true im in eith grade

  26. RANDY TYSON says

    This is just dumb

  27. common0324 says

    So like i thought they were pretending to be bad in the first part, then noticed theyre just as awkward and unathletic in the second part, theyre just actually trying to mimic pro players

  28. ehnothing says

    we deadass had a kid that went to a different school in seventh grade that could dunk and play point

  29. Serafina R says

    Why is this so true

  30. Differently Still says

    6 foot net? Ok

  31. Marlee Brown says

    This is true bc I am in 6th grade and that’s what the boys do lol

  32. rsyg15life 15 says

    My middle school basketball team can dunk lmao

  33. piie9 says

    You forgot the yelling and masks.

  34. Brennon Baker says

    The 1940’s aren’t ready for the spin cycle

  35. Aobakwe Mhele says

    I think the NBA was terrible in 1940 coz majority of the players were white🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. I am ze MEDIC! says

    1940 there was war 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. alex alamangos says

    I can assure you, people in the 40s were not wearing those stupid cutoff hoodies

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