1. Nathan Geddie says

    It’s amazing how much the Ferrari have slowed down since the FIA found out they were cheating

  2. Zack Stout says

    This is hard to watch these days

  3. John Müller says

    I cant be the only one returning to this race just to see Ferrari win, I had forgot how that looked

  4. MDWGUNS says

    I wish Gasly had held his line against Vettel and crashed into him. Vettel clearly forced him off the track with a crap move.

  5. saasmet8 says

    This could be the last victory seb has ever achieved in his entire f1 career tho 🙁

  6. Chin FT says

    Ferrari 1-2Pee wan SebValtteri It's JamesHon Hon Baguettecool stuff

  7. Mxrius11.8 I IG says

    0:30 Into the Braking TurnEhhhhSurnTurn 7

  8. Player Profile says

    Looking like sebs last win

  9. M&M 123 says


  10. Elio Hasa says

    When you think of how bad ferrari is in 2020 just watch this…

  11. Daniel says

    I'm glad to finally watch competitive and quick Ferraris again after watching the first races of the 2020 season😂😂

  12. Afc.90 says

    0:58 a cucumber crashes into sainz

  13. Dhiaurizqi Ramadhani says

    2020 season is a joke for seb. really missed to seeing him like this.

  14. anonimo says

    Last Vettel win?

  15. Rblx_ Fighter says

    Top 6: chillThe other 13: WORLD WAR

  16. Kuba Sitnicki says

    Remember that day because it was last vettel victory in Ferrari

  17. Adi P says

    It’s scary to see Mercedes slowly but gradually climbing the standings and also setting fastest laps of the race. Shows how calculated they are.

  18. Adi P says

    That commentary on Lance Stroll trying to sneak in on Ricc and Kvyat is super funny.

  19. Eyuel Worku says

    Having watched this incredible performance by Ferrari, what happened to them in this season?!

  20. Flixr says

    Little did they know that Ferrari’s engine was illegal

  21. Kostastsilo says

    Just came here to see Vettel's last win.

  22. Defa Muhamad akhmal says

    I hope redbull team be back on the track to be Champ. ✊✊😁

  23. Diecast Kid says

    OMG Fast Ferraris

  24. Admiral Fujitora says

    Tbh Leclaire is such a cry baby got his 2 first wins and thinks he is Michael Schumacher.

  25. Luke Brune says

    Martin Brundle talking about Ferrari's pace hasn't aged well…

  26. Vaaki says

    The Last Ferrari win for a long Time

  27. Jaxter says

    I actually believed something would change and then russia hit me hard.

  28. Mozzie ‘s Lunch says

    5:15 the car disappeared just like my dad 🙁

  29. df hf says

    you forgot about the idiot who went on the track

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