3 Speed Electric RC Car – Part 2/2


►The parts that I used and you might find them useful:

-Transmitter and receiver:

– MOTOR & ESC Hobbywing EzRun Max8: (code: BG12457XC, 10%off)



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  1. JohnnyQ90 says

    Fun fact: Never managed to go more than 50-60% throttle.

  2. Alexziz Maxziz says

    hi..can you share the name of the item 3 speed electric rc car ?? because I want to make it myself..SO CAN YOU SHARE THE NAME OF THE GOOD OR SHARE THE LINK OF THE GOOD NEAR ME ??

  3. Allen Landis says

    Bad glue job, looks like a few dabs around the edges, it was bound to come off.


    Soft rubber slicks and traction compound. More weight

  5. Lazor Ruincord says

    My personal preference. Go for bicycle rated tires. They dont break as easy, and you replace them less often than then I usually have metal foundation, basically metal enforced tires. Its frowned upon in the rc car world, but it's not prohibited.

  6. Simon Sundström says

    look in to the geometry in rear suspension, wishbones, pushrods etc from F1 and you will find more grip in the rear of the car. you seem to be able to build pretty mutch anything so I suspect you will be able to do that to. love youre stuff

  7. Layback209 FixOrSmash says

    Very cool build. As a suggestion that has worked for me is to Find a set up sheet for the car ftom a factory sponcered racer. Following their set up will get you in the ballpark. However, there is some things working against you, namely your chassis may be significantly undersized for the weight and power your using. This looks like a 1/10 nitro platform you may need somethingcloser to 1/7. But I'm not an expert on set ups. I know your going after a scale look but I really think you need to stretch the whole wheel base out to make a significant improvement on handling. Also programing progressive throttle increase will help get it up to speed with out the wheel spin. Foam in general has less traction on asphalt but lasts way longer than rubber compounds.

  8. Dennis Zogogiannis says

    Όπως έχουν γράψει και οι προηγούμενοι καλό θα ήταν να βάλεις έτοιμα foam εμπορίου και να ανέβεις στην FRT γιατί ο δρόμος δεν είναι και το καταλληλότερο μέρος για δοκιμή. Ίσως με ηλεκτρονικά για 1/10 να ήταν καλύτερο esc120 amp όχι λιγότερο. Mεγάλο μπράβο πάντως γι΄αυτό που έχεις καταφέρει. Θα είναι εξαιρετικό project σε 1/8 formula με αυτά το set up σε ηλεκτρικά που έχεις.

  9. Luca Lauro says

    Awesome channel man!!!! what about an ABS and TCS module?

  10. Rejected says

    buy some high quality tires ive raced rc cars and the good tires cost a pretty penny but have so much better traction that its just stupid the random tire bits you have laying around or some crappy tires you buy from amazon are just a joke compared to it

  11. Connor Norlin says

    Dude crazy watching you grow from 10k to over a million

  12. xed32 says

    Arrma tires needed

  13. Aleksander Likar says

    Wonderful video and a beautiful Honda body.

    Gyro helps a lot. I recently bought, a Dumbo from BG and a Turnigy GT5 from HK, both 6CH and cheap.

  14. ABHIJAY says

    if you can possible make it little bit heavier and implement a traction control unit in it

  15. ABHIJAY says

    Increase the weight that will give you more traction

  16. Henk V Harten says

    Never use cyanoacrylate to glue foam tires on your rims. you saw the result.
    also, you see that your car has hardly any grip. so, softer tires will help, but not too much.
    for mounting your tires,

    The best way to go is with contact cement. Search for industrial-grade contact cement that can be diluted with paint thinner, the type that cobblers use for example. Before you mount the tire on the rim, rub the rims up with some 100 grit sandpaper, remove any sharp edges on the in and outside, then apply the contact cement on the inside of the tire, and let it dry. Apply a thin layer of contact cement on the rim with a small brush, just a little film is enough. let his dry. You can if you like, prep your tires like this and store them before you need them.

    To get the tires on the rim, soak the tire for a minute into the paint thinner, The glue will become wet again, and take the wet tire out of the paint thinner, and press it immediately on the rim. Watch out! The wet glue is now soaked into the rubber for a few millimeters, and act as a lubricant to make the montage easier. let the tire dry; for a few hours. And if you did it well, you can't get the tire off the rim anymore. This way takes some practice. I learned this during my time with the Dutch national championships Pro 10 with my Corally.

    To improve the handling of your car, read what Wuddadid wrote, very useful info.

    I admire your skill, keep up the good work.
    greetings from holland.

  17. simone favero says

    at 12:31 the car is a Alfa Romeo mito?

  18. Fryingpan says

    hmm like in drag racing perhaps make a traction control system, a sensor that measures front (axle) wheel speed and a rear (axle) wheel speed. and a control unit that cuts the power when the speeds dont match up. (no idea if the electronics can be made for a rc car tho)

  19. Monster says

    GRP Tyres

  20. Hassan Assalu says

    Did something flied from it😮😮

  21. Angelo Tabuga says

    Damn astig brad

  22. Garrett Crow says

    Balance the tires😂 jk softer rubber or grooved rubber will strengthen compound

  23. Ryan Malin says

    you are amazing dude! Your fabrication skills are world class.

  24. Wayne Tolver-Banks says

    Would have been good to see it running with the Honda body attached

  25. fahmi irsyadi says

    three piece rims seems cool bro

  26. kleetus92 says

    I'd go with a rubber tire, better traction and longevity.

  27. Ahmed Busati says

    I think U need to replace the polycarbonte wheels with light metal ones, plus making the rear tyres bigger than the front ones, such that bigger part of the weight to be burdened by them. Also I guess U need to recheck the quality of the rubber of tyres, if Ok. , I guess U need to increase the dimension between the edge of the wheel upto the surface of the the tyre which hits the road. Avoid making these abrupt turns so violent. Try another smoother road at moderate air temperature. Try groovy tyres to sustain stability control.

  28. eddymath 97 says

    Since u are in to the crazy stuff, go experiment with active downforce.
    Basically make it a vacuum cleaner.

  29. Destronus says

    You want to make it more stable? Simple suggestion. Make the front wheels narrower.

  30. DANIEL DJ says

    13:15 try add a grove like a real tyre would have try make the grove by using knife butt don't cut to deep otherwise the tyre will separate or crack

  31. Steven Miller says

    Hey buddy best advice I can give you is find the closest on road race track there’s tracks in every county find out what days there racing ,, talk to the guys there they will help you with set up toes caster camber ride heights ect ,, they should be able to help recommending traction aditives for foam tyres .. I could give heaps of things to try but the on road race guys at tracks will give the same things I’m seeing and explAining is easier than me trying to print so take your car to them they should sort you out with some ideas talk to a few of them but it’s best waiting till racing’s over they will have more time for you then but walking though the pits while there racing I’m sure you’ll pick up heaps of pointers on your own … gas or electric day it don’t mater car set up is similar for both but the gas guys use foam tyres and the electric guys use rubber .. good luck

  32. Peter Cole says

    Jconcepts is making eighth scale high speed wheels and tires but I believe they are all 17mm hex..

  33. david ramey says

    The best ways to get better traction is 2 things I can think of more weight in the rear end and put line grooves in the tires to grip the ground

  34. joeviking61 says

    You’re using the wrong tires. You need pneumatic tires with 2 piece rims that bite into the tire bead…

  35. Sung Cung says

    Might be worth using proper rubber touring car tyres and getting a hard compound so they don't overheat. And having the front shocks set very hard and rear set soft via the shock positions and then finding a happy medium via adjustment.
    And if the chassis has a down travel setting you want more down travel on the rear of the car than the front.

  36. Crow Krusnixck says

    What about a differential. Adding one would help. All wheel drive cars use them in multiple places one in the back to control the two rear wheels separately and one in the front to control the front wheel separately. Another idea would be to also change the ratio between front and rear power that can be done simply by changing the gear ratio in the front to be a lower percentage or a higher percentage than the rear according to how you want the car to operate. There is a lot of all wheel drive cars that run a 40% power to the front 60% power to the rear and then of course that goes to their respected differentials.

  37. Andrew Hopkins says

    Maybe try a stickier compound or maybe something that has grooves or tread.

  38. The Hobbyist says

    I would use rubber tires instead of foam

  39. Nanda Kumar says

    use TPU or TPE 3d printing filament for printing tyres for good traction and durability

  40. Harsh Raj says

    Use harder material for tyres.

  41. Morten Albertsen says

    3d Printing parts for an RC car is awesome.
    Managed to wreck a part on my Tamiya car. i could have bought the sprue with the part on it for around 14 € i think. Instead, i modelled the part in CAD and printed it. Not sure if that was the quickest solution, but sure the most fun solution.

  42. Vance mac D says

    Wider tires would help traction

  43. Ryan Worden says

    Good tires go a long way, I run a couple 80+ cars and they need good tires. I use softer compounds for my cars that are slower but for the high speed you want a more hard compound (less traction to start but holds and lasts at high speeds).

  44. ณัฐดนัย มูและ says

    What kind of plastic is used for making the wingspan?

  45. V.K.ASOKAKUMAR Asok says

    Which is the transmitter and reciever that u are using??

  46. How to says

    Believe me I'm everywhere

  47. Satobatsu Kaiba says

    It seems like the torque is too much for the foam tyres (Look at what happens to drag cars' rear tyres). You will have to switch to a harder compound. I suggest rubber. Slicks be too smooth for the surface your using so you may need some threads to get better traction.

  48. Iggy Cotton says

    Improve weight distribution and possibly add some weight. You have the power to handle a minor weight increase., also add what I call sticky tires (treadless or slicks)… If only you could develop a belted tire in that size to help with rotational expansion (centripetal force).

  49. Aldo Raine says

    A softer spring rate on the shocks will aid traction, or print more lower control arms with a series different shock positions, which will change the fulcrum point, effectively giving the suspension more or less leverage on the spring which would make it act like a softer or stiffer spring. And as many others have added tire choice will do a lot.
    I also agree with the comment below on corner balance, very important to overall vehicle dynamics. You could probably build an inexpensive way of measuring the weight on all 4 wheels simultaneously and individually. Good luck, love this channel.

  50. Justin Mallaiz says

    -That road is way too rough for foam tires. You need soft rubber with very aggressive tread like off road.
    Try to get it to pull straight:
    -Toe-out the front.
    -A softer spring allows more weight transfer and adds traction to that wheel. Stiffen a spring to the wheel with too much traction.

    nice car, good luck

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