4 Healthy Snacks | Easy Recipes + At Home HIIT Workout Challenge


Welcome to the video! Today I’m going to show you how to make 4 of my favourite healthy snacks. Along with the food, I challenge you all to a HIIT workout that can be done at home as well as take you through my full push day workout!


PROTEIN BARK (Makes 12 Squares):
– 262g Non fat Greek Yogurt
– 1 scoop protein powder (chocolate peanut butter preferred)
– 1/4 cup PB2
– 1/2 cup light coconut milk
– Sweetener to taste
– 2tbs Chocolate PB2 (optional)

** Mix all ingredients in a bowl other then the chocolate PB2
** Line a baking sheet with parchment paper then pour mixture on pan and disperse evenly
** Mix 2 tbs chocolate pb2 with some water then drizzle evenly on top
** Place in freezer until firm
** For best results let bark sit out for a few minutes before eating

– 1/2 cup frozen fruit of choice
– 1/2 cup greek yogurt
– 1/2 scoop protein powder
– 1 tsp honey

** Microwave fruit for 60-90 seconds
** Mix in greek yogurt, protein powder and honey with fruit and combine well
** Place in your popsicle molds & refrigerate for up to 2 hours before serving

– 2.5 cups shredded butternut squash, lightly packed
– 1/3 cup all-purpose flour (most flours should work)
– 1 large eggs, lightly beaten
– 1.5 Tablespoons minced fresh sage (or other herb of choice)
– Salt & pepper to taste

**Place all ingredients in a bowl and combine well
** Have a pan pre heated on medium high heat
** Spray pan or use a little bit of oil then place your fritters into desired sizes on the pan and cook for 3 minutes. Flip the fritters and cook for an additional 3-4 minutes until golden brown
** I love having these with some greek yogurt. Try it out!

– 3 Rice Paper Sheets
– 6oz Chicken Breast
– Mixed Greens
– Fresh Mint
– Fresh Cilantro
– Cucumber
– 30g Avocado

** Dip rice paper one at a time in some warm water and hold for 5 seconds
** Place a small handful of mixed greens on the rice paper (leaving yourself 1inch of space to help fold)
** Place some mint, cilantro and cucumber on top of the mixed greens
** Add 10g avocado in front of the pile of mixed greens
** Add 2oz chicken in front of the avocado
** Fold tight! It takes some practice!
** Serve with your favourite Asian style dipping sauce

Hope you all enjoy the video! Thank you for watching!



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  1. Andres Reveiz says

    personally, I trim my armpits but I know guys that think it's weird, also where u get the hoodie that shit is hard!

  2. River Alvarez says

    Great tips Will! I started eating healthy and exercising and It really improved my mental and physical health. I didn't know anything about meal planning and optimal food choices so I searched it on the internet. I found website called dietarize and it was super helpful for me back then as it gave me good insights about calories and nutrients. There are many similar things now, you can find something for yourself. Good luck to all of you, and stay healthy!!

  3. Claudia Lewis says

    Omg please don't shave your armpits 🤢 That would be so weird and unmanly. And we all know you're the man 😊

  4. Shulqo says

    Hit workout challenge 12 minutes 15 sec, I will beat you next time >.< waiting for more things like this

  5. amir jarahi says

    How come u have access to gym since all gyms r closed in Ontario

  6. allcaps562 says

    Where'd your sub count go?

  7. zyrez says

    don’t shave them bro it’s normal

  8. Ethan Krauss says

    you should be the walden farm’s mascot

  9. Edwin Díaz says

    This workout challenges and healthy recipes actually helps me a lot to build the new healthy lifestyle I want to achieve. Thanks!

  10. Chris Cherin says

    Been watching your content for over a year, seen every video more than once. This was by far my favorite. Everything from the content to the workout to the editing, spot on dude. Thanks for doing this

  11. Nadeen Morsi says

    Will NEEDS to be on Food Network

  12. Tyler Jackson says

    Why is the camera setup facing the bed…

  13. Sonya Macleod says

    Personally I think it just looks better when people don’t have armpit hair!

  14. Abdullah Salaho says

    Yes for sure make more of them ( the challenges

  15. Matthew Calderon says

    Dude don't shave your arm pits lol

  16. Mateo Restrepo says

    Never really noticed the pit hair, Will is not that hairy.

  17. Jay Rios says

    Bro please don’t shave your armpit hair, don’t be that guy

  18. Tomás Peixinho says

    For me, I tend to sweat a lot, so it feels more comfortable to shave my armpits (not with a razor, just the trimmer). I feel like I sweat less (or maybe it just feels like that because the hair doesn't retain the water so much) and that I don't smell as bad. And honestly I like the look of it too. I also think it looks cool with some hair, but when it gets to a certain point, I just have to cut it again (usually when, having my arms down beside my torso, the hair starts to be visible and too out of control)

  19. fred gioce says

    Will you are losing weight because you are not taking the creatine anymore.
    It takes several week to notice that on the scale

  20. Jackelyn Rodriguez says

    DON’T shave your armpit hair.

  21. Daniel Menendez says

    Yes add the cardio challenges love em!

  22. Flemish Nationalist says

    7:35 exactly! I never do OHP and bench press on the same day. Too fatiguing + my front delts can't handle that much heavy volume in 1 session.

  23. Melissa Potts says

    Yes, please. Give us more challenges like that one.

    No, don't shave your pits. Unless you want to, obviously.

  24. Flemish Nationalist says

    I don't understand why people do these boring repetetive cardio routines. Why not find a parcour that involves climbing, jumping and crawling? Way more fun!

  25. Leo says

    I don’t think any of us really care if you shave your pits or not 😅

  26. Gavin MacTarnaghan says

    imagine loving Walden farms and hating everything but the syrup xD

  27. Miriam chor says

    If you always frt confortable not shawing then don’t. It the stigma also the women are suppoed to and men are not, I can only immagine the looks I would get at the gym if I did not shawe my armpits… kind of sed

  28. Linus Jacobsson says

    No shave

  29. Ryan James says

    11:48 on the HIIT , Will! Thanks for the A$$ kicking haha

  30. Guitar_Weeb says

    I mean, armpit hair is definitely a controversial topic. I personally think that I have to shave mine once every week, because it's cleaner and my religion requires shaving it. You do you tho 👍

  31. Colleen Snyman says

    I like hair on guys, armpits included!

  32. Charlie says

    love this!! can you recommend any cardio that's lower impact? i have hella shin splints to the point where even a medium size hike (for me, so 5 miles/8km) can put me out of action for the next day 🙁 bonus points if it can be done from home but i know it's a tall order :')

  33. Matheus Pereira says

    I shave my armpits but I think is more personal. If I don't mind your armpits hair just don't shave it

  34. Logan Williams says

    Solid video! you did say your not sure why your losing weight, you also said you stopped taking creatine which holds water in your muscles, so your probably loosing the water retention inside of the muscles.

  35. Liz Offhaus says

    Those little competitive cardio workouts are a gateway drug to crossfit

  36. Carlo Negro says

    i don't shave my armpits

  37. Energizer Bunny says

    A big NAH to the shaving question, Will! I like my men hairy. Thanks. 😎

  38. Marco Pereira says

    Yeah always shave the armpits

  39. Reiko Cronic says

    Dude regarding your armpit hair, you should for sure wax them,(not shaving them) and it will help you to stop sweating and smell.

  40. huston harris says

    Delts look gigantic in this vid homie

  41. Ryan Lunn says

    Damn how are you working out in ontario rn

  42. Brittany Bull says

    I feel like I’m the only 27 year old, mom of four boys, that watches your channel and actually learn a lot from it! You make me laugh.. way too hard sometimes!

  43. Fernando Herrera says

    I get everything sugar waxed. Even do a full Brazilian. But, I will never do my armpits. Not for me man.

  44. Brody Clemens says

    Dang Bro those arms are looking Thiccc in that orange Gym Shark tank top. Looking bigger all the time my guy!!!! The Boston Kreme donuts definitely help with gains 🍩🍩

  45. Kailey Milam says

    14:35 don’t think that sneaky lil camera trick was overlooked. that was sick

  46. Kody Oliver says

    Weight it dropping from coming off creatine… no big deal. Love the videos!

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