1. Health Is Wealth says


  2. Guadalupe Arellano says

    Qué onda quisiera unas 10 para hacerlas al carbón

  3. Vinay Vinay says


  4. MG karthik says

    This reminds me of my childhood days :)….when I see them flying back to their home, tears rolled down from my eyes :)….They are loyal to their owner and to its loft :)….god bless all ur birds, happy flying 🙂

  5. Kabir S says

    very nice

  6. Abbas Ahrari says

    Hi every body,pls do kindly send to me some short video from racing pigeon,because u tube is locked here my No is00989166045215 thanks

  7. Rcman1223 says

    they were rocking….Stayed nice and tight….looking good

  8. hawk wing 104 says


  9. David Rodriguez says

    those birds are looking good

  10. حسام السنجري says

    جميل جدا جميل

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