8 Touchdowns in State Championship! l NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory QB Ep. 4


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Outro Song Young Lungs – Tennis:

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  1. Ryan Kowatch says

    Colorado, Jerseys are dope. Sadly Penn State isn’t an option.

  2. ALEC McEntaffer says

    Iowa because they have a good o line

  3. Thomas Byrd Jr says

    Just go to a school dat offers u 1string

  4. Marandous Moore says


  5. Nicholas Bartolo says


  6. Sooner Man says


  7. The Donhaile says

    Man, DVSU got a facelift. #GoDingos

  8. Gabriel Lyon says

    Nguyen is pronounced “Gwen”.

  9. LD8 Sports says

    Lets go N'Western

  10. mankuro says

    9:28-9:32 Unbelievable Throw holy shit

  11. Adrian 6 says

    For the next RTG, make sure to change the difficulty of the high school teams you play to the hardest difficulty possible

  12. jard lk says

    Damn Northwestern really took over WVU fast lmao everyone wants to go to Nortwestern now

  13. John Vincent says

    FSU!! I would love for you to go to my school

  14. William Blandford - 3PSRR says

    Northwestern would be a cool team. When I used to play NCAA14 (before my copy was stolen) I did the coordinator dynasty always hoping Northwestern would offer me a contract … never happened. 🙂 Playing NCAA 13 nowadays and still waiting. Go Wildcats!!!

  15. razzledazzle40r says

    Northwestern all the way.

  16. Ben Walter says

    Northwestern plz!!!!

  17. Burgermcburger4 says

    do penn st

  18. Blipblop Blew22 says


  19. Fluffshep Network says

    What about Wake Forest? Their roster is trash, but they're in the ACC, so you'd play #1 Clemson every year. I think that'd be a fun challenge. They've got nice uniforms too.

  20. Fluffshep Network says

    B.T. Dubs, the name Nguyen is pronounced Noy-ENN with an emphasis on the 2nd syllable.

  21. Fluffshep Network says

    If Wyoming, for whatever reason, enters your list, please pick them.

  22. Torito Perez says

    Florida State for sure

  23. sports gaming 10 says

    Northwestern or Kentucky

  24. Takota Lawrence says

    We need to go to wvu please

  25. Takota Lawrence says

    West Virginia needs to be a thing he never done it and there a air raid offense and he would work wonders for there offense and the big 12 it would be good games you would have to play Oklahoma all the time and then you would have a better chance to go play for a National championship

  26. Austin Moseley says


  27. BASED THOVEN says

    Northwestern for sure

  28. Stat Man says

    Wisconsin, its in the B1G and always has good RBs

  29. J Near19 says

    I've always liked Wisconsin, even though I'm not a badgers fan. So I'd personally like to see Wisconsin

  30. connor lee says


  31. Marcelino R says

    I want to see Tulane it’s an underdog story if not Florida State or Northwestern would be cool

  32. T L says

    Florida State. Wanted to do them myself before my ps3 broke. RIP

  33. Ray & Del says

    Northwestern 💪🏾

  34. KABAM!! gameplays says

    Northwestern or ucla just cause it could be interesting

  35. Dante Taylor says

    Mismi uni🤷🏾‍♂️

  36. AbsoluteZero1313 says

    Man, I did either an RTG or a Dynasty with Northwestern a bit ago. Was low-key miserable. 😂Choose Colorado! Go Buffaloes!

  37. jodie trickey says

    West Virginia

  38. Danlaurin1964 says

    Northwestern U I think a good fit

  39. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


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