8 Video Game Post-Credits Scenes You Need To See


Never skip the credits!

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  1. Ghost Gameplays says

    I REALLY REALLY REEEEEAAALLLY hope there will be a Evil Within 3. I freaking LOOOOOVED those games

  2. J Bell says

    The portal endings were worth watching through just for the Jonathon Coulton songs.

  3. Raymond Lee says

    Jules is such a douche.

  4. The Legion_Dragon says

    FFX-2 had its secret ending showing that spoilers Tidus was alive / back but still a dream setting up a hopeful FFX-3 (non book format)

  5. DMB Does Gaming says

    The amount of times I’ve sat though game credits hoping for an end credit cut scene only to be disappointed 🙈

  6. Thereal Blackwell says

    Miles sucks. K-mart knock off spiderman

  7. Futurama Llama says

    Kinda disappointed that Sylens scene from Horizon Zero Dawn isn't on here

  8. Matthew Conrad says

    Half-Life Alyx if you do a commenter edition.

  9. Gavin Smiley says

    This is your Bane. This is your Bane on Titan.

  10. ASTRO the Wolfman says

    Where's Sunset Overdrive? Sunset Overdrive may not have the most inventive ending but serves it's purpose.

  11. Crocodile Downy says

    You forgot nier automata

  12. Dakota Cook says

    The words of encouragement are always a nice touch. I've had one of the worst possible years possible. My dad died in February, had a daughter in may which the mother then ditched me suddenly. Then her and her new boyfriend murdered her. Only 7 weeks old. And last week I totalled my family's only vehicle. Plus I'm in the USA so obviously my financial situation is totally buggered. Still alive though. So if nothing else I'm proof that no matter how shitty things might get, if you have the willpower you can make it through.

  13. OpsCon Taylor says

    I really need to play Evil Within 1/2.

  14. gfear24 says

    Metroid was 8-bit. Not 16-Bit

  15. Raymer Díaz says

    I watch Jules' videos mostly because of the post-credit comments. They got me out of a really rough time last year, and mean the world to me.

  16. Adam Jacob says

    Honestly, 2020 needs more of Jules’ positivity.
    And thank you for always having kind words at the end of your videos as I struggle a lot with a fair amount of health issues so your end of video messages always help cheer me up.

  17. Jake French says

    So wait, Arkham Asylum has 3 random post credit scenes and the two times I've gone through the story mode I still only got the Scarecrow one? What are the odds of that?

  18. Bobby Dean says

    Jules… you're a godd$%n inspiration man.

  19. BeRto 075 says

    im gonna say thank you for the positive vibe at the end of these videos u give out. i have been through a lot in the past year and even now again thanks

  20. Keiyan Goshin says

    I love and hate pos-credits scenes/sequences. Like most people no doubt. After all as this video shows they can be a blessing and a curse in disguise. But as they are becoming more and more common I do find myself reading/listening to the credits just in case. Thank you for the video Jules. Stay safe. ❤️

  21. The Fox says

    Forgot God of war III

  22. Caitlin McAnoy says

    Don’t forget Dragon Age Inquisition, where they reveal the dread wolf to be solas! That was worthy of a spit take I’d say

  23. Isaac E says

    I love jules so freakn much. Beautiful message, man.

  24. ShiivaWilding says

    Metroid is 8-bit yo!

  25. MetroidKing790 says

    What about the doom eternal post credits scene?

  26. Hershey Bars says

    Destiny 2 vanilla campaign, first revealing the true darkness?????

  27. Darkkalim7 says

    I loved that in fable if you watched the ending credits you got to continue playing afterwards and get extra content

  28. Patrik Duller says

    I have never met Jules and I probably never will, but Jules I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring words and your kindness at the end of each video. Stay safe, lej, we need you. Big love from Germany! 🙂

  29. PLAYZONE says

    GOW 3

  30. Jota Ferreira says

    I really love Jules' endings…alwayd so heartwarming

  31. wizzardoffuzz says

    the whole "before i go i just want to say" thing is getting a bit tired now. when it was done every now and again just as an extra it was impactful and meaningful, but now that its shoehorned onto every single video its just getting disingenuous and twee. just my opinion.

  32. Lynzilla says

    I always thought the Portal2 ending was rather ambiguously structured; Is Wheatley expressing regret for betraying Chell, or GlaDos? It could swing both ways!

  33. Shilpa Bendre says


  34. Nathan Hume says

    I don't know about anyone else but I was quite surprised in Metal Gear 3 Snake Eater when Ocelot was revealed to be Adam. I had forgotten all about his presence by the end as so much focus was put on Eva. The reveal of her being the Chinese spy was shocking too

  35. AcidicHotwire says

    I’ve seen the Arkham Asylum ending so many times I’ve lost count, on the 360, PC, XBone, and PS4. Every time I’ve seen it Bane has grabbed the case. Maybe I’m just unlucky but if the odds are that high for the Bane ending I would guess that’s the canon one.

  36. Harold Woodson says

    Jules is the best man.

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