9 Acidic Foods You Should Stay Away From


When you think of acidic foods citrus, hot sauce and acid reflux probably come to mind. But really, acidic foods are important for your body, too many however, might cause some problems. That’s why it’s important for you to know what you’re eating and if your diet is out of balance.

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Intro – 0:00
Acid Forming Foods VS Acidic pH – 00:41
RED MEAT – 02:18
EGGS – 02:59
SODA – 03:28
DAIRY – 04:10
ALCOHOL – 05:14
NUTS – 06:28
COFFEE – 06:49
Basically ANY Vegetable – 07:41
Fruit – 08:07


Acid Forming Foods VS Acidic pH.
Ok, so before we start listing foods we gotta get one thing out of the way. And that is, what do we mean when we say acidic, because it sort of has two meanings.

So the way in which we measure how acidic or alkaline something is, is through the pH scale. Anything from 1-6 is acidic and anything from 7-14 is considered alkaline. If you’ve ever made a volcano for science class then you know what we’re talking about.

This one includes processed meats as well. So those hot dogs you packed away all summer, might be catching up with you in more ways than one.

We might as well lump this in with the animal products like meat we just talked about because, unfortunately eggs fall under the acidic category once you eat them. That being said, eggs are highly nutritious and, if incorporated into a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, will probably benefit you more than harm you.

Refined sugar in general is pretty bad for your health. If you’re trying to eat better than sugary drinks and foods should be the first to go. Sugary drinks in particular are damaging to your health because your body doesn’t realize how much sugar it’s ingesting, it sort of tricks it. You don’t feel full after drinking a glass or juice or a sugary latte.

This would be the last type of food I would think to be acidic?! Maybe milk isn’t the answer when it comes to heartburn? Not ice cream too! I’m afraid so. Cheese, milk, ice cream, all of these are high in phosphorus which means once you ingest them, it turns acidic.

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    WATCH 🎥: Drinking Coffee Every Day Does This To Your Body! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we79_qZ-sW4&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=65

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    7 is neither acidic nor basic it is neutral. Go learn your Chemistry first and stop confusing people.

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    Nowadays we need to stop eating all the foods 🙃 😒 😑 and just breath in the air 🙃 😑 😐 😅

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    Is this a joke? Lol

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    I really love coffe☺️

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    It’s good acid in fruits and vegetables.

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    You guys said to eat some of these foods now your not to eat them WOWWWW

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    9 Acidic Foods to Avoid;;🥩🥩,🥚🥚,🥤Soda,Dairy,🥛🍧🍦🧀,Processed Grains🥨🥐🍞🥖,Alcohol 🍸🍹🥂,LegumesAnd Unsprouted Beans ,Nuts,And ☕☕,…….

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    Don’t lie

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    I love milk chocolate, but avoid it because it is unhealthy.

  21. Dawn Wagner princesslgunab says

    Anytime I have a Tomatoe Base Product my stomach gets upset. Pizza, Spaghetti etc.

  22. Sakura Haruno says

    At least these foods don't cause weight gain, well except soda, processed meat and alcohol.

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    Egg organs mango

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    What's gerd?

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    You guys don’t know what you’re talking about

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    Nice video.

  27. Chris C says

    Some things said are simply not true: the aim is not to have a PH of 7. most people have PH between 5 and 7 which is all good enough. Under 5 and above 7 is not good. second, eggs are great don’t be mistaken. The rest said is bad anyway.

  28. Chill Froggy says

    Bestie 1 year ago:”Eggs are good for you
    Bestie now:”fuck eggs don’t eat eggs”

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  30. Eva Gabor says

    Stomach must be acidic. Between 1- 3 ph. If there is lack of acidity, ( hydrochloric acid) people experiencing gerd( they mistakenly think its too much acid) protein, minerals are not absorbed. You are talking about blod ph, It's between 7.35-7.45. Healthy urine is around 6.2, acidic.
    Some of your info are misleading to people who don't have a nutritional knowledge. Citrus fruit are acidic, but don't raise ph, eggs and nuts are healthy acidic food. People with strict alkaline diet suffer often from nutritional deficiencies.

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