1. John Zabik says

    Joe Biden who has Dementia and Kamala Harris who is proven to be a Flip Flopper..you don't want him for President and Vice President. Do believe a word they say!! VOTE FOR #Trump2020😁😁😁👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and save this Country from Crazy Democrats 👎👎👎👎 who lie, cheat and steal from Americans.

  2. Kashkaani Aspen says

    Danskos cant be beat but I am glad someone is trying. Especially at that price smh

  3. Arvella Harris says

    That's awesome giving back the nurse I'm sure that made there day ☺️

  4. CH H says

    https://youtu.be/fKlvwPRh-okDo you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!!

  5. Roger That says

    The President of the US never ever praises these health care warriors risking their lives. We think about you and appreciate you everyday!

  6. David Gambler says

    You are witnessing the greatest [coordinated] disinformation campaign to ever be launched against the American people. [D] efforts to regain power. They will say anything.FAKE – Trump doesn’t like the military. To Be Cont……………President Trump nominated for 2 Nobel Prizes. Suck on that Dems, Biden & Fake News, lmao. https://youtu.be/n6jBGZORMCg 👍😱🤓🥺🙃

  7. JAI PARKASH says


  8. Ариан Назаров says


  9. Phantom Alpha says

    Making music videos in hospitals is hard work ya’ll..

  10. Ken Hidaka says

    Best feel-good story I've heard so far this month. Thank you, ABC News.

  11. dootdootoo shahhh says

    New dancing shoes?

  12. WSN000 says

    I'm taking a look through ABC's current videos and I see nothing about the historic peace deals in the middle east. You guys have abysmal priorities to be ignoring this.

  13. atomicmozart says

    Real News 🇺🇸 (wake-up)RedPill78https://youtu.be/nOtRKLJO2xQ

  14. Steve Durbin says

    I hope there making a medicine to make this Corona virus go away😷💊💉

  15. Ayedola Amaru says

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  16. I'm gone says

    I read where LeBron James donated fifty thousand dollars as a reward to catch the cop shooter in CA.WAY TO GO, MY MAN!

  17. البلبل المرعب says


  18. Jake Viking says


  19. Carrieann Guerrero says

    God bless all that have been affected by this pandemic that the president played down from the very beginning. You all stepped in and did phenomenal job for all who were sick with covid 19 or the patient's that were already there that needed nurses and medical professionals that you all stand out doing. God bless you all God bless everyone who is reading this I pray that we are all happy healthy and safe during this horrible event in our lives. Hopefully sooner than later there will be a vaccine but not pushed to finish for president trump political gain. I want us all to be safe and our loved ones not dieing every single day. Why did the president lie to us? Why couldn't he tell us the truth but reassure us with a plan of protection. From American company's making our needed ppe and ventilator's. Instead he had talked about nurses stealing the PPE for themselves and said that all Hospitals had as many ventilators that was needed so he wouldn't help us Americans. He let us suffer and have deep sorrow from losing the ones we loved. Please thank the medical professionals that had and still do have it hard and there is no lie that they are risking their lives for all of us. They deserve much much more than what they are getting. Football players who sit on the side lines make more than any medical professionals and they are saving lives and limbs everyday they are in the midst of a ugly battle. The awesome family guy made a shoe specific for the medical field I hope that he gets his business going and many buy and support this guy. I'm sure he will start making scrubs and pants too. Please get out and vote trump out of office a d out of the Whitehouse for good. He doesn't deserve to even finish out this year being our president. And most definitely doesn't deserve to be our nation's leader while being guilty of over 6 million infected and nearly 200,000 of our loved ones including our precious innocent children who are dieing each day as well. Let's show trump he cant let him our his supporters win another 4 years. Can you imagine how many more will die too? I always be thinking I wonder how many of the nearly 200,000 who died were trump supporters that trusted him saying you don't need a mask or you don't need to social distance that it ( coronavirus) is going to magically disappear in the warmer weather like magic. Or how about it's a hoax made by the Democrats. Or kids can't catch it or die from it his studie s show. There are so much more deceiving and just flat out lies that came from Trump's mouth. He forgets what the hell he says but social media has it all on film and audio for times like now him trying to say Democrats are the reason the virus was played down. Always blaming the next person he is not man enough to except failure or to take RESPONSIBILITY for his actions and for his lack of actions. Presidents have been impeached for far less than what trump is doing and has done to our country. Oh yeah our service members who fought for our county and some who were taken and or killed are suckers and losers. While mr President got out of having to go to sign up and possibly go to war or just about any where because he said he has bone spurs. But look at how much walking and golfing he does and standing at the podium while feeding us more false information and flat out lies and deceit. Trump is disgusting. The worse president I have ever lived through. With his best friend being putin and also best friends with the Taliban we are in a world of hurt if he gets voted in again. Remember the Taliban was getting paid by putin if our service men and women were shot at or killed. And trump was told and he denys it. So please people wake up there is not much time left. Biden has my vote since Bernie didn't get as far for nomination for president. He has back ground in alot of things that trump has never done. Like the military and his working as vice president for 8 years trump only got elected because he was rich and bought his votes from russia. Anyone with the money that trump has can win any contest. JOE BIDEN HAS MY SUPPORT MY VOTE IS FOR JOE BIDEN. IM HOPING TO GET A SIGN IN MY FRONT YARD TO SHOW MY SUPPORT AND SO SHOULD EVERYONE ELSE.

  20. Brenda Visconti says

    We Need More Good Stories like This!! Blessu 😘

  21. Ross Martinez III says

    My sister's a doctor that started out as an RN.Nurses don't care about aesthetics. That's why the smart ones wear those Hush Puppy looking shoes.Not knocking his hustle but unless he discovered something Nike, New Balance, Reebok etc etc hasn't– this is just a puff piece…..

  22. Nicole Elle Padron says

    Nurses do nothing but dance on tiktok and clean toilets

  23. LP LPM says

    It's about time someone started with functionality before look. And they should do the same with women's dress shoes. After it function well, and is comfortable, then move to style.

  24. Jessica DuBois says

    He is such a sweet guy. Awesome.

  25. Ron Burgundy says

    it would be nice to have a sneaker giveaway for people working as janitors and in sanitation too.

  26. DJsaucy27 says


  27. ooga booga says

    there's no Nikes cause…. LOOTERS !!…

  28. Angela Diaz says


  29. Angel Hernandez says

    Second 👍

  30. danny binder says

    First 👍

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