A Tribute to OK Computer


OKNOTOK is out, listen to it here:

1. Airbag
2. Paranoid Android
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
4. Exit Music (For a Film)
5. Let Down
6. Karma Police
7. Fitter Happier
8. Electioneering
9. Climbing Up the Walls
19. No Surprises
11. Lucky
12. The Tourist

  1. jschlatt says

    radiohead manually striked my essay on subterranean homesick alien and now its blocked worldwide. thanks i guess, sorry the series had to go out like that. it's not safe for creators to make this kind of content anymore on youtube.

  2. Harmtyl20 says

    Crisp title screen

  3. topeagle7044981 says

    Theres more than meets the ears

  4. Crusty Sausage says

    How did I find this

  5. Ulises Cruz says

    “Don’t leave….Don’t leave”- True love awaits/A moon shaped pool (please make more essays 🙁

  6. Angela Kartolína Luntian says

    His voice here is jarringly average-pitched.

  7. Ardon says

    yo it has been a week

  8. Henry Nautilus says

    So calm. So friendly sounding. What happened?

  9. Black Lagoon Death Squad says

    radiohead sucks

  10. Alec Bowden says

    Hey I just found this video. I wrote a 30ish page undergrad musical analysis research paper on Radiohead. I've literally listened to hundreds of hours of their songs picking out every instrument and theme for school and I'm still not tired of them.

  11. arileypdx says

    Ngl thought radiohead was sirenhead and was wondering why there were 12 videos about it

  12. Constructive Criticism says


  13. Aaron Timm says


  14. Savvy says

    There’s nothing quite as jarring as getting videos like these in my recommended and remembering that there’s actually a person with their own interests behind the bits and the satire and the funny mic.

    Must be stressful as all fucking hell to keep up with it all. And I mean, that itself kinda lines up with the theme of OK Computer.

  15. John H says

    Radiohead: “No one is allowed to make videos about why we’re so good!”

  16. smileyskidz says

    wow man i watched this video a few months back when i started getting into radiohead and i had no idea who you were. now, you're literally my favourite youtuber and I just found this again and when i tell you i am shook to my CORE oh my god

  17. jasmin gh says

    When he was normal…

  18. Accysha says

    i wish you could have kept going with this series….i was really excited when i found this video and then i realised there are only two parts.

  19. emilie says

    jschlatt im in love with you even more after discovering this

  20. Good Jonathan says

    His accent gets heavier and heavier as time progresses

  21. Dylan says

    im the biggest radiohead fan and also agree its the best album of all time. makes me so happy to find a funny youtuber who also loves radiohead

  22. Jahsoundeffect says

    Holy shit Schlatt likes radiohead that's so epic.

  23. LaurenLozboz says

    I wish his video on no surprises got realised 🙁 my fav

  24. he he he says

    fuck saying ok boomer, now we be saying ok computer

  25. Reese Turner says

    would've loved to see karma police… still amazing video essays, major inspiration for my sociology culminating

  26. Bonnie says

    i… jschlatt made an ok computer essay series. or at least tried. wow. thanks.

  27. brandon waldron says

    Bro my laptop hard drive die on me while playing my summer car I loved my laptop 💻

  28. SDE LEGAL says

    I heard this album so late…….HOW THE FUCK CAN AN ALBUM BE SO GOOD??

  29. kasey .-. bersin says

    I had no clue my favorite YouTuber liked the same music I do, and its awesome

  30. Danny DeVEVO says



  31. ShadyNova says

    jschlatt? minecraft streamer making video on literally my favorite band of all time?

  32. Oder Motor says

    Pull me ooooooout of the air crash

  33. Boi Retardus says

    You’re a man of culture

  34. will baptiste says

    need more of these man

  35. Jonah Louque says

    jschlatt, I first came about your channel upon first hearing your schlatt coin business but soon realized your content was something different from everyone else on SMPLive, I watched a ton of you videos and laughed throughout all of them, but today I found something different, this video in my recommended. I have always been a Radiohead fan since I first downloaded it off my parents i-Tunes account, my dad always told me that when I'm old enough, I'd fall in love with this album the same way he did, and he was right! today has got to be one of my happiest days seeing my new favorite content creator make a series on my favorite album. If you're reading this Schlatt, I'd love to see you complete your series. You could share this with your new fans like me!

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