Advice on Traveling with Your Adult Children & Grandchildren or Grandparents


This live feed focused on advice on multi generational travel. So looking at traveling with grandkids or grandparents, adult children and more.
Special thanks to Kathy Wolters for joining us!

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Travel advice and travel tips on visiting Europe, Latin America, The USA and More!
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  1. Bro Brah says

    will you ever do a thailand video? I want to go there one day

  2. nater 1 says

    I went to San Diego to visit grandparents. I took one day for myself to travel and sightseeing. Took them to something too.

  3. Cynthia Burkey says

    My parents traveled with us since we were young children. As we became difficult teenagers they let us bring a friend and as young adults they included our boyfriends. We all have wonderful memories and deeply enriched lives thanks to my parents. As married adults with children we have continued to travel all over the world with all 3 generations. Travel in all seasons of life has been fantastic. Our children are young adults now and my parents are 90 & unable to travel now. We all have such a strong bond across the generations because of the memories & experiences we share. Looking forward to showing our future expanded family the world and making more memories. My husband & I just took our first trip alone in 30 years to Spain & Portugal. We channeled every family member with love & laughter the entire 2 weeks. We had a great time with the advice we learned from your videos!

  4. tomaz antonio stern says

    God bless Mama.

  5. Alex Ciak says

    Nice family tradition, travel together!

  6. Alden Lambert says

    I would rather travel alone.

  7. Peter Mayer says

    Mark, I appreciate you don´t make ads in your videos.

  8. Jay Cee says

    Hey, your channel was one of my first as a youtube subscriber. Used your advice every time I traveled. Thanks.

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