1. Isaiah Thomas says

    7:22 dam that was nice

  2. Dennis Smith says

    Hardy a Buck

  3. Bernard Lee says

    I missed what school Frankie Collins is going to…what was that again?

  4. Robert Martinez says

    Bronny just showed hella growth, he developing really nice. Haters are gonna be shocked when he becomes a even better player than jaden hardy. The people who are saying Mikey Williams is a way better player don’t know shit. He is inconsistent as hell. I think Mikey Williams is thinking too much about that highlight dunk for overtime to post, so they don’t get bored of him as a player. But Bronny is learning how to play the right way and when his body grows like his pops, he gon be an animal !
    Y’all can come back to this comment when he gets drafted number 1🤪

  5. successful says

    If Amari work on his jumper man he damn near might be unguardable, Hardy a walking bucket, and bronny getting better I like it.

  6. Michel Mukendi says

    Why is Sierra canyon called CBC?

  7. Tyrese Woods says

    Is bronny sg he kinda plays like one

  8. Elica go says

    They grew more taller

  9. some one213 says

    I just want bronny to have a more shooting role on the team

  10. Charles Grovess says

    When they next game

  11. Drippy-josh _ says

    Why tf they subbed bronny out and put that short nigga in the end

  12. 864 Realer says

    Seems like bronny has gotten a little taller

  13. HELLOL says

    Frankie and Jaden raw

  14. Vertxz says

    Bronny is alive 🥶

  15. Benjamin says

    Why are both teams playing full court press? Both teams are breaking the press with ease

  16. Evan Ball says

    does anyone know if they are selling the Kyrie low 3's that Air Nado was wearing

  17. Josh Jones says

    Home means nevada, home means the hills, home means the sage and the pines

  18. ballsdeepinyabitch says

    Bronny isnt that nice. If he wasnt lebrons son no way he would be ranked top 50 of his class

  19. Pritchetteee says

    This was a good game!!!

  20. Dhdnsnsns Xbdn says

    Where’s the big Asian boy at

  21. Shamilah Thompson says

    Bronny is trash and weak

  22. funeral service says

    i really dont wanna hate on bronny i dont but i dont think hes ever gonna be a phenomenal player hes good dont get me wrong yall should quit giving excuses for bronny last few months ago yall said oh he was just a freshman now u guys are saying his iq incredible lets get it right at this rate that he is playing he aint going anywhere far

  23. Joseph Gibbs says

    Bronny better shooter than his dad no cap

  24. Qwon D. says

    Hardy a monster

  25. True Alpha says

    Amari Bailey has got it

    That Hardy kid…… YIKKKKKKESSS

  26. Andrew Robinson says

    this sierra team pretty cold too

  27. windbreeze tv says

    Bronny doesn't have to a be a dawg to get to the league. He is going to the nba as long as his father lebron james. He doesn't show nothing really special but we pay attention because of his father.

  28. Learn Gematria says

    Hardy like T Mac

  29. Tyse says

    why sierra canyon going by cbc?

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