Aldi food shopping haul


My 4th food shop of the month (from my households payday) I spent £91.35 in Aldi so from my monthly budget of £400 I have £92.19 remaining.

At my shop the best time to get the best deals is around 7pm quarter to- to be on the safe side and the different departments fruit & veg, bread, deli ect are done at different times it’s a bit of waiting around but very much worth it… all stores maybe a little different but best of luck and if you get some good deals I’d love to hear about em please leave them in the comments.

Here’s a video come yellow label shopping with me –

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  1. Carolyn says

    Have a fab weekend away xx

  2. Leah Williams says

    Hope you have a lovely break away x

  3. PurpleTai says

    Glad you're able to get away a bit before baby comes. Hope you're having good weather for it. 🙂

  4. Ellen Lawton says

    Have a lovely weekend. Hope your all well xx

  5. Cheryl Dyer says

    Have a lovely time away hun xxxx

  6. Kris Papadatos says

    Hi Helen. Just an idea if you wanted to do it, but a video on “supper for the week” is a good idea. Hope your all well. Enjoy your weekend away. Xx

  7. Ruth Doane says

    Juice can be consumed as it is, squash needs water added first, also squash has a longer life than juice😉

  8. Trailer Park Homesteader says

    What is the difference between juice and squash. American asking.

  9. Trailer Park Homesteader says

    I wish our aldi had such awesome goodies

  10. Susan O'Brien says

    Have a great break, Helen. 🙂

  11. Mohammed Arfan says

    Wow nice vlog Helen

  12. Wendy Wilson says

    Hope you have a great weekend but don't have the baby in the caravan. lol. Take care. xxx

  13. Patrick Carson says

    Enjoy your holiday

  14. Millennial Mom says

    Love seeing the differences in products from the U.S. I make similar content and just found and subbed to your channel. Im loving your content!

  15. Tracey Abbott says

    Have a lovely holiday, xx

  16. the_furry_forrests says

    What is the difference between juice and squash?

  17. Janine Craig says

    Have a lovely weekend away, it’s like a family baby moon. Jx

  18. Dianne Mottershead says

    Hope you all have a lovely holiday ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Barbara Catalano says

    Have a great time. Be safe. Look forward to seeing what you got up to.

  20. Julie Suddes says

    Hope you all have a good time, you deserve a break xx

  21. Emma Pilkington says

    I tried the mini hash brown waffles yesterday and they r really good

  22. dianne hubber says

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend x

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