ALERT! Germany halts harvest! Bans agriculture! Even forestry! More food shortage measures!


Germany has instituted an “Agriculture Ban” on all crops within 30 km of the first confirmed ‘African Swine Fever (ASF)’, which will not only provide FOOD & SHELTER to the wild hogs spreading the virus, but deprive Germany of the food that is left in the ground. If this irrational response sets precedent as the virus spreads across west Europe, we will witness the DELIBERATE shutdown of food production, contributing to the major global food shortages. Start growing food today.

  1. Ben Draper says

    Great info. Strange I haven't heard this anywhere else…

  2. gandamack says

    A dim congressman was recently cut off while saying the food delivery system will be broken by November( link below)…WM is pushing curbside pick up to prevent people seeing empty shelves…Dollar General has more canned meat than WM at better prices..Spam, Hormel,Campbells, Progresso, Armor,{No one needs to be spending big bucks on ‘long term storage’ food}We will be starving in 3 monthsPeanut butter,corn meal(link below),just-add-water pancake mix(great bread substitute),syrup, rice, beans, grits, Spam, corned beef hash, Chunky / Progresso soup, SALT, sugar, tea, Tang, Gatorade…SAWYER water filter(19.95-29.95 at WM)…get with the program people👀Its not rocket science..

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