All Elite Wrestling: The Game – Official Teaser


All Elite Wrestling announced their first ever console video game, coming to next-gen systems and in partnership with former WWE 2K developer, Yukes. Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, best known for his work on the critically-acclaimed WWF No Mercy is also working with AEW Games.

The teaser showcases Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho with a surprise attack by Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida. There’s also a final tease of the Young Bucks performing The Meltzer Driver.

  1. These Guyz says

    please dont follow wwe 2k battlegrounds

  2. bobby ray says

    Fire pro looks better than this

  3. ElementGames says

    WWE 2K : "Yukes, you're fired"
    Yukes : mic drop

  4. Mat Comarmond says

    YUKES!!!!!!! Seeing that logo brought back so many memories

  5. Chris L says

    Looks like XBOX 360 Legends of Wrestlemania. Meh

  6. foreveRcajon says

    Game looks awful…. But if it plays amazing and its fun like sd5/svr then go for it.

  7. Emmanuel Conner says

    This game is still in early development I hope we see a 2022 release

  8. Game Control says

    If this plays anything like the classic WCW and WWE games on the N64, sign me up!

  9. ßäh -_- πäjî says

    I hope this is perfect than I imagine💪🔥💯

  10. Little Bros KIDS TV says

    The graphics my like: 🙎🙎🚶🚶🧍🧍🏃🏃

  11. Jared Galarza says

    Yo what!!! Is this real?

  12. Ashley Burns says

    I don't like those cartoonish physiques

  13. Mike Vidal says

    What's with Wrestling and 2001 graphics?

  14. Joana caasi says

    Yukes is one of the best gaming designers in the world

  15. Bennie Baniel says

    Welcome back to the RGB Create-a-Moveset Dudes!

  16. KevinTPham says

    All Elite Wrestling Video Game will be AEWSOME on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

  17. Patrick Doucette says

    Get a 7 star match on Hard in Tokyo and unlock Dave Meltzer!

  18. Patrick Doucette says

    Well… At least they got twinkle toes mc finger bang's mannerisms down!

  19. Brian Cervantes says

    My favorite wrestling games were day of reckoning 2 and smackdown vs raw 2007

  20. The Barbaric Ram says

    Im buying it

  21. jjohnson218 says

    Jericho’s dad bod is so powerful

  22. Rodney Chembe says

    The gameplay looks so amazing

  23. Inner Alchemist says

    Just cause yer this oh so great "A E W" don't mean your game might not FLOP

  24. Der Pizzer says

    Is this a mobile game?

  25. The Dragon Erebus says

    I'm ready for this game

  26. MrMasteruper says

    WWE All Stars 2 Feautured AEW

  27. King J says

    the sound the ring does with impacts is the same as in Smackdown! 2: Know your role

  28. WWE Show says

    Cool game, better than 2k battlegrounds

  29. B L says

    To see two of Winnipeg's Finest lead this? I can't wait to for this to be released!!!!!

  30. I-P13 says

    Yukes and Boom, my hopeless dreams on seeing THQ!

  31. Josh Sindall says

    Plz tell me you can make your own characters and have the titles

  32. eliborio camacho says

    Press X/∆ to point fingers when you play as Twinkle Toes McFingerbang

  33. CultOfPersonality091 says

    But what's with the PS2 graphics

  34. reaction ondemand says


  35. Freak Zeke says

    Holy Shida 😲

  36. MinecraftLover3000 says

    23 videos in one day

  37. The Underdog UNDERGOD FTW says

    I hope the graphics aren't like this no offense, but it looks just as WWE all stars- oh wait nvm, Yukes is doing this

  38. The Armoury says

    Looks dated

  39. Clorox Bleach says

    Welp seems like WWE has lost it edge in wrestling games.

  40. Saryrn Sorrow says

    Cool I truly hope this game is amazing both in gameplay and sales wise, just so wwe might actually engage in the idea of making a great wrestling game again. 2k20 and then battlegrounds, they clearly no longer care, but boy will they care when aew sweeps up all their video game profits leaving their market share in the dust.

  41. Austin Minor says

    When Shida enters the ring the music changes into the theme from WCW/nWo Revenge.

  42. Lumpy Bisquick says

    i’m disappointed with the cartoonish style

  43. MrLee says

    Goal of the game is to take all of Tony Khan's money.

  44. Doctor Awesomeness says

    This is the kind of wrestling video game I wanted to play.

  45. Callum Wooding says

    I hope its not like 2k battle ground, cos that game was awful

  46. NathanKing94 says

    oh baby this is gonna be too sweeeeet

  47. sagar sondarva says

    I'm waiting for the Orange Cassidy's OP move set…

  48. AnarickTheDevil says

    Damn I was hoping that Yukes was going to work on a non licensed wrestling game so they could be free to do whatever they wanted.

  49. Karl Slack says

    So excited about this!

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