All The K-pop – Entertainment Academy 1-1, 올 더 케이팝 – 예능사관학교 1-1 #03, 23회 20130305


변화 무쌍한 10대들의 최신 트렌드 음악부터 2~30대 감성을 자극하는 추억의 음악까지~!
전 세대를 아우르는 세계 유일 프리미엄 하이브리드 차트쇼 All The K-pop

한 주 동안 사랑 받은 K-Pop은 [글로벌 K-Pop 차트]로,
90년대 추억의 음악 속으로 고고, 본격 90’s 차트쇼 [히릿]
대한민국 아이돌의 서열 정리 [아이돌 서정시]까지!

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  1. Nina 450 says

    Me: (inside) hmmmmm what are they doing? I don't understand…….Me: (outside): HAHAHA HAHAHA! WOW SO FUNNY…WOW! I AM LAUGHING SO HARD…HAHAHA??Alexa: could u plz explain me why r u laughing like that? I can laugh too by watching it! 😀Me: Well…..uh………..I- guess it was f-funny?Alexa: well,why?Me: I….don't know😅Alexa: then why r u laughing😒Me: cuz…..I wanted to😘Alexa:……………….

  2. Ahmed Art says


  3. Sofia Daniella Castillon says

    2020 and I'm still waiting for an english subtitle

  4. دمعت يتيمة says

    اجمل اغاني هي بي تي اس

  5. Sheuli Bhowmik says

    Are it is 7 years ago? 😨😨😨😨

  6. Sheuli Bhowmik says

    I am Bangladeshi. But l can your language. It was so fanny.

  7. Ester Vargas says


  8. Ester Vargas says


  9. Ayoung Candra says

    aku orang indonesiya

  10. Khadijah Bartley says

    I do not understand

  11. Lingam Krishna says

    Ellin is my favorite

  12. 아자!!아쟈 핫팅!! says

    붐은 저때도 저랫구냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. Kevin Ventura says

    Que legal tv coreana

  14. 현서 says


  15. Erni Wahyuni says


  16. Suian Gondra says

    Hi lorenas…

  17. Gloria Torres says

    Excelente me gusto poco

  18. Ivonne Heidi Muñoz Ronsa says

    Alguien me dice como se llama la de ropa blanca

  19. 뽕뽕 says

    지금 엘린 돈 잘버는뎅

  20. Медет Баймонкеев says

    Бля , что тут происходит

  21. Siham Msl says


  22. _Vikusik_ 78 says


  23. Carlos Aguirre says

    Chinos tont

  24. Yu Uh says


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