Amazon kills its first big game


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Amazon Game Studios has just cancelled development on their biggest game, Crucible, in the messiest way possible. After the third person free-to-play hero-shooter was released earlier this year it was promptly returned to the shelf and put in ‘beta’ status. Now, Amazon Game Studios has officially confirmed that Crucible is cancelled development and the game will not be returning to market.

Amazon as a multi-billion dollar mega corporation has been investing a lot of time and money on developing their presence in the games industry, but to what ends? They started by first making Amazon Game Studios, they built Lumberyard their own game engine, they bought up Twitch, and now they are about to launch a new cloud gaming service called Luna.

Amazon has entered a highly competitive market and certainly has a lot of money to burn but with a majority of its investments, like Crucible, erupting into an unmanageable garbage fire we have to ask – how long does Amazon plan to hold out? Well, we might not have all the answers on today’s episode of Inside Gaming Daily but you can bet we’ll have a couple of laughs.

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  1. Tony Bone says

    probably got alexa to make it

  2. Mshojat says

    Sheesh New World has been pushed back AGAIN ? and so far back too. That is such a bad sign.

  3. Bryan L says

    This is the second time I've heard any news about Crucible lmao

  4. Crosswalk says

    Stop Amazon, you're making garbage that no one is asking for!

  5. ToodisMcGoodis says

    why do they keep cutting to a control trailer?

  6. BengalBoy16 says

    Imagine if Amazon actually paid Taxes…

  7. 69sins says

    Crucible just didn't feel good. Shooting or killing someone felt very numb… the whole game felt that way. I was actually excited for the game… but sadly it was a huge letdown

  8. Grunt ELCAN says

    I love that opening commercial, look at her smug face, as she streams a game onto all of her devices. Have fun playing Control on your phone dummy

  9. William Perez says

    A sausage Festival 2020 boys where is the female !

  10. TheCreepypro says

    this is the danger of copying anyone if you going to do that you have to do something different or better or else you will fail cause you need the existing fan base to stop playing the game your copying which is a tough sell cause most people don't want to change games even if it is better it is just a long up hill battle that most can't win

  11. HeyThereImCloud says

    I didn't even know this was getting made…….or released……wtf lol

  12. Altiere says

    New World is promising from what I played of the beta. From what I saw they clearly had some experienced developers/ management as they are bringing out the game only after it is truly polished and fun to play. Their delay to spring is understandable though with what is already there, doesn’t seem necessary.
    If you buy the game you can join the next beta in November.

  13. Luke says

    You're32? I thought you were like 19

  14. Saints Jimmy says

    You look like you still listen to Limp Bizkit
    My brain: Just one of those days
    Patrick brain: Just one of those days
    On synch!

  15. Ronald Vera says

    I come here more for the humor than the news itself at this point. LOL, love these guys.

  16. Ambardo says

    I know the game really flopped hard. But I don't get why Amazon would spend tens of millions on building up a game and just outright kill it off. I mean that's TENS OF MILLIONS they just tossed away just like that. I'm not really caught up on Crucible, but they could at least try at least a bit more to make it huge for as long as they can, if they are gonna spend tens of millions on a game. But it's Amazon I guess. And tens of millions of dollars doesn't really bother them to throw away I guess 🤔 That just seems like a lot of money to me, but not really to them. They are a trillion dollar company after all Lol 😆

  17. Chandler Newell says

    I got paid to game test that Top Gear bulahit

  18. Zhienerich says

    weirdly enough, cancelling Crucible got more coverage by its own publisher than its launch

  19. Tyler A Bossman says

    happy to say i played it for 15 min and everyone in the lobby that day was like yeah this sucks lmao

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  21. Merrick Sanzo says

    You'd think all this giant companies and game developers would realize by now, players do NOT want games as a service.
    The whales are the ones who decide if the games as service succeed or not, and they are 3% of the player base.

    Make great single player and multiple player games, no gimmicks, if you have DLC make sure it's good and the base game is a full game on it's own.
    If you build it they will come.

  22. kevin smith says

    Read this comment and take it to heart. Bless your cotton socks IG Daily, we love you.

  23. Brian guillory says

    It died quicker than lawbreakers

  24. Daniel Dickerson says

    Connor low key kinda handsome, though.

  25. Sonicfalcon16 says

    What was that rooster teeth game the online shooter? Reminds me of that

  26. Nathan Specht says

    I remember watching TimTheTatMan playing this for like 6 hours

  27. cs_cabrone says

    Does Patrick jump right outta bed for this? Sounds straight up like morning voice in every video.

  28. Scowlie Meerkat says

    Star Citizen can't get tired of throwing good money after bad, cuz it ain't their money. Apples to oranges.

  29. A Noob's Good Game says

    Its so dumb that billioner companies make dog shit games and a 5 team indie studio can make gold. I guess if you only care about money thats what you get.

  30. Ryan Woodcock says

    Good. Hopefully they learned Design By Committee makes a shit soup. The game makes no goddamn sense, it's like they started designing 5 or 6 different games, stapled them together, and then stopped developing the gameplay altogether. Every feature was bad.

  31. sonic65101 says

    I know what "ignoramus" means.

  32. Paco Felizania says

    Y’all are too funny

  33. Staffs Woodsman PAZA says

    When a guy with a daft-tash says he is 32 but looks 45 and acts like he is 15 that's what happens when ur parents are actually brother and sister.

  34. Miki90Mar says

    I love when they make fun of my people the Italians. chef's kiss

  35. Doomd Dev says

    Why aren’t captions available on any of your videos? Some of us are literally deaf…

  36. RoboticMagus says

    Never heard about this game. And I play a lot of obscure indie titles.

  37. Dennis Smith says

    Well Amazon is awful

  38. Adam Adair says

    Brian's mic is a tin can with a string attached, retro.

  39. Gambello says

    Wait it was out already? I thought it was still in development

  40. Gambello says

    Thanks for spoiling The Shining

  41. Cameron Ragland says

    I tried to play it a while ago and it ran so shitty. My computer isn't exactly a monster machine but it's pretty new and I can run most games.on high settings, but I could hardly pull 30 fps on low settings for crucible. Maybe there was some kind of error on the install but it just didn't work at all for me

  42. RokuPlaysThings says

    Hey Nintendo, Wind Waker for Switch when?

  43. Joseph Benesh says

    New world was good when they were in closed bata I was round 2 of some of the testers and I had lots of fun and could not put it down. Unfortunately I could see it getting worse and worse then they turned it completely around and I thank its trash now

  44. Zaahid Adams says

    Who ever edits these videos… 👌🏽

  45. fay2212 says

    Can I just say that while I hate censorship of words because it means you're against free speech, I actually find the mario cart sounds quite funny haha.

  46. Sleepless Indefatigable says


    I can hear David Szymanski laughing.

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