1. matthew grill says

    After two days of so-called racing at the Breeders Cup it makes me yearn for the days when they ran those races over a synthetic surface. And i HATE synthetic tracks. Year after year these tracks are compelled to "soup up" their racing surfaces in order to achieve track record times! This is a complete joke, Of course those national talking heads will not utter a word about it. How about running the Breeders Cup at Golden Gate or Arlington or Woodbine next year. Perhaps they might find a fair and equitable track!

  2. Guy Blackwell says

    gary stevens looks like the dummy in a ventriloquist act as I expect to see a hand up his back when he's on and loduca looks like he just got out of his first public speaking class where they told him, contort your face, people will be mesmerized and find you a really interesting listen, annoying they are not laughing with you but at you, can't you tell when people don't really like you? (ps nice pick on the 2 horse he just finished after dark) greg wolf weren't you in an austin powers movie? hopefully jk wolfie's bcbc finish will cover ALL his losing bets from the past but I doubt it. I had all my money on marshall gramm a real winner!!!!!! thats all folks

  3. jThgfds Ftret says

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