1. Cuds says


  2. BONEFRIEND gaming says

    Anyone wants to play among us with me and some new friends please tell me i will make a group for us

  3. BONEFRIEND gaming says

    Any one wants to play among us with me please tell iwill make a group

  4. Steven Johnson says

    @ 16:43 all you hear is i fucking knew it lmaoooo

  5. Monkey D Luffy says

    No fuck is harmless during the making of this video

  6. hi zTyler says

    bro just be all up in his nose

  7. Roman Snitko says

    Why are you so mad 😂😂 chill bro it’s just a game

  8. bbs540 says

    Which SARM(s) did you take? Ostarine? LGD? or RAD140? Or a combination? And I assume you used Nolva for a PCT (considering all but Osta are suppressive)? I'm 24 btw, not a little kid, just so you know it isn't a little kid asking

  9. Wagster01YT says

    Wires and posters hidden in wires that shows a picture of tiny tfue

  10. Diego Da Martian says

    Lmao same reactions as me

  11. ARODTAKES_WALLSyt says

    You are a cry baby

  12. Matthew Harvey says

    Notiii gang

  13. Stone Stitch says

    God why does he cuss in every sentence, it’s like he’s just discovering them

  14. Stone Stitch says

    Who rages at this game when they die, just cringe

  15. Georgette Williams says


  16. jakku kun says

    You stole toasts thumbnail

  17. Elwood Jardeo says


  18. Solis Saravia says


  19. BlynKzHyper says

    Song name at 12:55?

  20. Henry The Gaming Stickmin says

    noice.16:37 lmao.Funny thing isHis laughs sound a little bit like farting sounds.

  21. Fear Labib says

    U should shave ur beard

  22. kyla mikah valdez says

    everything is okay? you are impostor

  23. CAR EXPERT 05 says

    who else heard katy scream I KNOW ITTTTT

  24. Oscar Barrientos says


  25. Oscar Barrientos says

    Just comment me on this cvideo

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