Android Development VS Web Development | Ground reality in India


A lot of us guys get confused when we first start doing Development. Which one to choose – Android Development or Web Development. Well, in this video we’ll decide which one is good for us based on these 6 factors:
0:00 Introduction
1:05 Learning Curve
3:09 Placements
4:49 Deployment on Production
7:22 Laptop
8:14 Demand vs Supply
10:38 Salary
12:49 Conclusion

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  1. Tehseen Khan says

    Advice for CS and non-CS background opportunities in the tech industry, please. Thanks in advance.

  2. Dev Coding says

    App dev. Is only beneficial if u get a job otherwise web is best coz app dev as individual is prity hard


    i want to learn both i have 2.5 years of college time can i do mastery in both or not ?

  4. Shiva Kumar#warriors says

    Bhaiya ap apni kaksha par kab se dobara padhaoge ??????

  5. Gursimranjit singh says

    there was a mark on back of your wall or right bottom side😂
    i thought its on my screen
    i kept cleaning it with my finger😂

  6. kartik gaur says

    Bhaiya ek doubt Hai bhaut confusion kr rha Hai ki coding me or dsa me maths requires Hai Kya

    Kyo ki me non m background se hu Isliye aap btaye na ki Konse topic necessary Hai maths ke

  7. Tarun Shelar says

    Reveal your that front end and back end project which was appreciated by recruiter

  8. Harsh Nikhare says

    watched it in .75x

  9. Ayush Agarwal says

    How your video quality is sp great.

  10. Lohitaksh Trehan says

    5 minutes into the video. Apart from placements edge for Android, I completely disagree with other comparison points. This was too abstract comparison. I would request students to dive a little deep as a career aspect before deciding. Rest assured if you are a good developer you will get the money, technology won't matter. Always remember that there is a factor "buisness requirement" for a company. This can be one of a factor that some companies that you know favour one technology over the other.

  11. Raabel kothari says

    Best comparison 👍

  12. ANAND KHATRI : CS19-1036 says

    Private college se Product based companies me placed kese ho sakate he

  13. Saurav Daga says

    Sir how many years of work experience is needed to become a expert

  14. Vinayak The CODER says

    Great Anuj Bhaiyaa 🔥🔥
    Well I am in 9th Class 😂
    So I have 3 years + 4 years 🔥
    I will learn everything 😀😀

  15. abhinav baiju says

    Creating android app now requires kotlin and java is highly depreciated by android team

  16. codeWithSingh says

    Java script sikh lo bhai sabhi me use hoti hai
    Chahe bah android hai ya website ya desktop app sabhi me sahi bhai easy bhi

  17. Shankar Gowtham says

    Make videos in English bro will be helpful for who doesn't know hindi

  18. Faiz Khan says

    What about flutter developer

  19. Aniket Sood says

    Thanks very much bhaiya. All doubts cleared

  20. Anadi Thakur says

    i learnt reactjs and i am working on react what is the demand vs supply graph for react native developer?

  21. Jeevesh kumar says

    Bhaiya kya ek bsc(H) wala student software engineers ki job ke liye apply kar sakta ha??

  22. Piyush Jawla says

    But iOS development k liye y to MacBook chahiye😭

  23. Varun Verma says

    Hello Sir Main abhi 9th class mai hun Toh Mere Pass Time bahut hai abhi main C/C++ Aur Data Structure completely Shik liya hai aur mai Full Stack web Development And Android/ios Development Shik Sakta hun toh Koi Dhikhat toh nahi hogi please Sir Mere Comment Jarur Padhe…….

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