1. Bhushan Pawar says

    I think the link for the code is deactivated. Can anyone send me this code

  2. Zain Khan says

    Hi Can you help me in tracking the ball speed? for android using this method?

  3. putra elco says

    nice program and i have downloaded your code, but can you help me i need X and Y coordinates of circle, I'm newbie on OpenCv programming so what i have to do ?


  4. j anomymous says

    what is the smallest size in pixels the ball can be, and u can still track it ? 10 pixels, 30 pixels ?

  5. phantom6DOF says

    Thank you for posting the source code. I am running your code but all I get is a black screen. I checked the log cat there is an error opening the camera. Do you know the reason why?

  6. Mark s says

    Great Stuff!! Oh the possibilities…

  7. Sean Ong says

    Thanks for this video. I'm looking forward to seeing the source code you link to.

  8. Viviana Ruiz says

    Could you please make a tutorial about how did you use open cv on your project?? It is amazing what you did it would be nice to share

  9. Zarnuji Sidiq says

    would you like to share the complete tutorial about "how to install and configure OpenCV4Android"

    Many thanks.

  10. markoni985 says

    nice work, would you like to share source code?

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