1. iam c49 says

    If you are looking for making a simple webview browser. This link also help you https://androidride.com/android-webview-example-tutorial-kotlin-java-download-source-code/

  2. Emilia Clarke says

    To unblock block website you need to use live proxies, i personally use proxydocker, work perfectly :Dhttp://bit.ly/2ngoiuq

  3. Suman Astani says

    With this simple webview reference I have publish one simple it. Cheers.Keep reading Android blogs | Develop your skills | Know what others are doing.Leverage the hard work of other developers to make your life easier.Collection of Top useful libraries to speed up coding and UI mock-up templates.Understand how worlds are moving on.Read and adapt other code structure. But where to find right one?Click link below to Download Android Best Blog Collection App:Android Blog Collection – Android Apps on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sumanastani.com.np.blogapp&hl=en)

  4. Kavan Vadaliya says

    pls make download manager with pause and resume with notifications bar and delete and many more like a uc download manager

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