Apple iPhone 12 Event October 13th – Everything We Know!


Apple has just confirmed a new virtual iPhone event scheduled for Tuesday October 13th at 10:00 AM PDT. In this video I will go over everything to expect at this event including the 4 brand new iPhone 12 models with the 5.4 inch iPhone Mini, 6.1″ iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7″ iPhone 12 Pro Max. All equipped with OLED displays with a new design and 5g networking. As well as some other surprises like AirPods Studio, new Apple TV, AirTags, and maybe the chance of apple silicon Macs.

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  1. GregsGadgets says

    Also which iPhone do you plan on getting? iPhone 12 mini, 6.1” iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  2. Jake Gunterman says

    I wanna watch this video all day

  3. Tavares Melton says

    6.7" ProMax🔥📱😩

  4. ULOOKN says

    Great review, if not one of the best reviews so far.

  5. Baekhyun is my life says

    I stop feeling excited when i heard "no power adaptor in the box". I mean why am i excited in a phone that cost me a thousand dollars but have to spend another hundred buck in order to make its battery works, right?

  6. richard nelson says

    Thanks to best team on they did the job brilliantly , check them out

  7. Deeken Wheeler says

    iPhone 12 mini or just called iPhone mini?

  8. avengers captain says

    hoping for a SE plus announcement

  9. Ihechi Njoku says

    I’m really concerned about the battery sizes

  10. Rian Xu says

    Jon processor 😂😂😂lmao

  11. Moses D Cedeno says

    George Soros is fight against Our President – who is fighting human trafficking we need to support our President

  12. AlmightySLS - says

    What price would iphone 11 pro be after release of iPhone 12?

  13. Adi Khanna says

    Hi Greg this is the first video I watched of urs n I can tell that I was getting vibes that u would kill me from the screen.

  14. Rey bigdreams says

    Apple stocks 🍏💰🚀🌙

  15. George Banes says

    Hey you guys should check out @cyber_hack_wizard on insta he's really good he can reslove any social media issue and iphone issue

  16. Lichay Tiram says

    nothing change on new iphone it call iphone 12 and same like 11 so bad and i think to buy the phone 12pro and I won't buy it ill wait for iphone 13 pro or buy S20ultra

  17. Johnny Canche says

    That creepy face tho😂😅

  18. Martini is a wino says

    Me:Laughs in my 12g RAM in My Note 20 Ultra 😂

  19. Chilling Dog says

    To summarise things up.
    Apple doesnt have any idea how to design their phone. Therefore, they just keep making it and saying “innovative design” “faster chip ever created” “additional camera” blah blah blah starting with 2000$.
    Fk apple. They running out of idea and shit. Most apple fan gays keep thinking every year of the release date.
    This is the best iphone ever created. Fkn wanker.

  20. AG says

    0:57 Jon Processor😂🤣🤣

  21. Alexis Zee says

    yes as I said before the pricing is good only in the US

  22. xGUDDAx says

    iPhone 4 design was the best

  23. malevd says

    90 watt usb C charging 😳

  24. Universal_Wisdom says

    I just want to find an iPhone that blows the iPhone 7 out of the water.

  25. Universal_Wisdom says

    iPhone 4 considered the best designed phone by most people? Can anybody vouch for that because I think that’s big horse doo.

  26. Fitrah A says

    I like ya cut g

  27. Andrei Alionte says

    no 120 hz?..

  28. Sharoo Lawrence says

    latet this year will there b a new MacBook?

  29. C H R I S says

    Your wrong about the prices. 5.4 is 649 and 6.1 non pro is 749 and 6.1 pro is 999 and the 6.7 inch is 1099

  30. Sarah Favela says

    I'm Alone 😍😥

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