1. Jenny Sun says

    Thanks for watching. Watch more Asian food video at here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCz0CnDqvXo&t=3692s

  2. Veronika Todd says
  3. Kim Pong says

    សុីជ្រូកខ្វៃប្រសើរជាងធ្វើនយាេបាយ !!!!

  4. Ashton Paugh says

    You never even said or spoke about what was being cooked. No expression or words spoken by you at all. I, being from the western hemisphere, have no idea what was being made. I wanted to engage in your video but couldn't since you couldn't, or just decided not to.
    A little commentary would go a long way.

  5. Tu Thu says

    wow looking good

  6. Raju Rai says

    Nice pork

  7. Chakrya Sem says

    លក់ នៅ ណា បង សើ

  8. Kai Wong says

    Each and every time I travel, I have the runs, not constipation.

  9. Eyang SiGIT says

    Jen Subscribe back pls

  10. robby Kharadi says

    Indian food is best all around the world and

  11. RO mora Official says

    Sub back brother

  12. ABC DEf says

    Not Asian
    Only for East Asian ok

  13. Dota Centrelink says

    Pork must bbq to be perfection

  14. Khushi Ram says

    I also eat from nepal

  15. Eric Manlangit says

    plss use some gloves and mask plss

  16. YUONG PHANA says

    want to eat😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  17. Anne Corey says

    This vegetable pizza look good difference love them all thank you for sharing.

  18. kartik phukon says

    waow superrrrrr 👌👌👌👌

  19. Philippe Bmw says

    Le . Le

  20. Sara C says

    Omg this is absolutely disgusting! All those innocent pigs! If I walked down this street I would puke right then and there 💔🤢 that is so fucking sad!!

  21. Rosita DelaCruZ says


  22. Rosita DelaCruZ says

    C. Vv

  23. Lie David says

    very very in the best,from indonesia,

  24. Batam Fanny says

    I am sure they also eat dog meat, disgusting

  25. Long Son says

    Bonchia long mitphiet men

  26. Bariya ganesh says


  27. quy nguyen van says

    Am thuc cũng da dạng

  28. Xa Nguyen says
  29. douang vincent says

    i like salade de papaye laotien avec du riz gluant et la grillade de porc * hum !!!!!very nice & fuck,,,,,?

  30. Caca Sweet says


  31. Hmong Adventures says

    What country is the roast pig?

  32. etivac ytic says

    to much flies on the food

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