Axis Football 20 | Honest Review – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Honest Review of Axis Football 20 for Steam. My first venture into the Axis football series….how does it stand up? Is it any good? Let’s find out.

INTRO – 0:00
Disclaimer – 0:49

Franchise Mode – 1:20

Scouting – 2:41
Drafting – 3:54
Staff Management – 4:58
Facilities – 5:37
Training – 8:21
League History (bad) – 9:35
Mods – 11:21

Customization – 13:01

Gameplay – 14:30
Lack of Variety – 18:10

Nothing – 19:03


Rating – 19:24
Uncut Gameplay – 22:29

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  1. Andrew Harnisch says

    random question: is there an instant replay feature or anything?

  2. Slumpdog says

    Don't use jpegs for logos or else you will have background white boxes aka non-transparrent. Only use PNG logos and etc.

    Also thanks for the shout out my dude about the NFL mod

  3. sirtjdk says

    Thanks for a great review video, really like the way u cover the game. 👍. One question, I'm looking for a manager game like football manager. I don't want to play the snaps, just be the one calling the shoots from the sideline, coach mode. Is AIX 2020 football the one for me.

  4. victoria helburn says


  5. Zelly Cummings says

    Found this in the discord. & this is legit good content. Subbed!!

  6. Elijah Freer says

    As far as gameplay .. maximum is way ahead of axis

  7. Stick The Racer says

    Dude you got to try the hardest difficulty I played it and I actually lost

  8. Dollar Junior says

    Believe it or not I am skipping Axis this year. I am disappointed that hardly anything was done to gameplay on the field. No stiff arms, no motion, no hurdles, no movement before the snap, no fair catches, no no huddle, the kicking game is so easy a kid can do it, no celebrations, the playbooks especially defensive is severely lacking, I don't care for the tier system either, and no left handed players. Potential is still there but a lot of work still needs to be done.

  9. Ray Capetillo says

    Fair review man. Thanks for the info on the game. You make a ton of valid points and suggestions.

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