Baldur's Gate 3 – Best Starting Class & Races


Baldur’s Gate 3 has a huge number of class and race combos, so we’ve put together this video covering the best combinations. Will you play as Dwarf fighter? Tiefling Wizard? High Elf Warlock? it’s time to gather your party and venture forth.

  1. Nospam Spamisham says

    Lol….there is no best starting classes although class vs race is an important issue. So is background.

    Baldur's Gate 3 is still in alpha (not having implemented most features) but what it has implemented keeps strongly to D&D 5e rules.

    You literally need to read a book to get this. And that book is the Player's Handbook.

  2. Corvus Morve says

    I just bought this last night. Still waiting for the download to finish. The EARLY ACCESS IS 60 GB!! What?! 60GB for the first act alone, that's amazing and blows my mind.
    Gods I can't wait for the full game! 😂

  3. calmman32 says

    Interesting that this is not the same rules at 5e based in what he said. Rogues are amazing. Warlocks are really interesting but overall weak compared to othet classes

  4. Hauke Holst says

    Races should always be picked for flavour and never because it provides the strongest bonuses.

  5. CG says

    I'd say focusing on dialogue, Drow is the strongest in terms of the early access version.

  6. Eileen Kite says

    Anyone else want goliath barbarian to be an option?

  7. The Raven says

    Pick dwarf wizard and choose warcaster. Now you're a battlemage who wears armor.

    Picking dwarf fighter is the opposite of an optimized build in my opinion as there's significant overlap between the race and class (it's the same reason people don't tend to play goblin rogues).

  8. Sephtar says

    lots of errors here but good effort i suppose

  9. Dhanso Vastri says

    Githyanki and Shield Dwarf are the only races that give you Armor Proficiencies, and additional Weapon ones too. Stick that on your Wizard or Warlock, have fun!

  10. Shenanigans Mcfoolary says

    I made a drow ranger and a dwarf cleric of moradin it's fun so far

  11. George Blair says

    Dwarf. Duh.

  12. Synchronized Cell says

    Me: want to make a teifling…
    Me again: looks to demonic…. maybe go more human
    Me once more: looks to human go more demonic maybe?
    Me: fuck….

  13. orangemarmaladesky says

    Do not sleep on fighters with the archery fighting style. Bump up that Dex and do your best Legolas impression.

  14. The Red Celt says

    true strike is a waste of an action, do not take mage breaker for it. instead of forgoing your attack to get advantage on the next turn, you are much better off making an attack on both turns.

  15. Inchristalone777 says

    True Strike is crap. Just attack twice instead of cast then attack.

  16. RavenKnight says

    This guy really recommended the true strike cantrip?? I feel like he needs a few lessons in 5e action economy…

  17. Emily Vogel says

    I want them to add barbarians and tortles because tortles can't wear armor and barbarians can pick up a skill that gives them a higher armor bonus while wearing no armor

  18. Papa Whiskey says

    Video starts at 9:45 😀

  19. jerlstif says

    Jewel wielding

  20. Unknown Valor says

    Love being a Drow, it trolls the npc dialogs 🙂

  21. Alex Watson says

    So you're saying some races are better than others…?

  22. queen says

    Lookin to protect yourself, or deal some damage 🤣

  23. Josh says

    Variant Human/Paladin

  24. Douwe says

    Ranger without Hunters Mark? Blasphemy!

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