BARNES vs MESSI | Part 13 | LEICESTER CITY FM21 BETA | Football Manager 2021


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Welcome to Part 13 of my Football Manager 2021 Beta save with Leicester CIty in the Premier League. In this first FM21 lets play episode we play our first Premier League game of the new season and face Barcelona in the European Super Cup where we answer that age old question: who is better, Harvey Barnes or Lionel Messi?



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  1. Marc McCarthy says

    Jamie vardy had exactly the same hip injury for me at roughly the same time as in your save.. maybe it’s partially scripted

  2. Hidde Bos says

    What is in with kev negelecting lazio

  3. Mr. Magoo says

    If Kev has never heard of Lazio, I wonder if Liverpool is also in the never heard of them group

  4. Richard Myers says

    Hi Kev, just bought FM-21 using your link. thanks for all the great content, can't wait for full release and your NLTL save


    no second kev walking in…. im unsubbing lol

  6. nevin joseph says

    Ayy yo… Wat an episode… Bayern Munich vibes 😂😂

  7. Curry Muncher says

    Would have subbed for the greenscreen

  8. Lee says

    Wow kev isnt a man of his word

  9. Ross Young says

    Why does kev always say he doesn’t know lazio. Evidently a joke from before I was watching

  10. CJH says

    Andrea belotti having a party

  11. BenDubs says

    I did get to ep.13 unsubscribed haha. Gave you a sub, enjoying the series, keep it up!

  12. Cedie Austria says

    Schmeichel loses a 1 on 1 due to CB error "He's got to do better"

    Donnaruma loses the same 1 on 1 "It's not his fault"

  13. Adam Knowles says

    Absolutely brilliant episode

  14. Harry Griffiths says

    This beta is far too easy

  15. Jamie Crosbie says

    Guilty of watching all 12 and a half videos without subscribing………. subscribed now 😅

  16. StevieBoy says

    That puts the Liverpool result from lat season to bed, great final and what a team, well done Kev !…PS. What is the issue with Kev on Lazio, did I miss something ?

  17. EAZY DUZZIT says

    No Blue hair….No green screen…. ?
    I'm beginning to think you're not a man of your word lol !

  18. Piotr Wołejko says

    Is Barnes going to start some League games after being crucial to winning two pieces of silverware? 😅

  19. Jason says

    the beta is to easy 2 seasons with man u won everything both years

  20. SolarRune says

    Get to videos 7 and 8 and drop a like if you haven't to keep the kev blue hair dream alive

  21. Venters Gaming says

    44% thats actually quite good the average is about 70% people not subs to channels watch videos i know pewdiepie is about 70-75%

  22. MrOskarlol says

    "ive bought 6 cbs so far" – lollujo guardiola 2020

  23. Insidious Inflation says

    After Liverpool, what a result. Don't think I have lost 8-nil before. But I have never beaten barca by 7 either.

    Great result.

  24. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar says

    fine i will subscribe 🙂 i love love the neres signing

  25. Jason McEwan says

    So what's the story with Lazio?

  26. Shawn Gillogly says

    What have I just witnessed? Crazy talk.

  27. Kevin House says

    What an episode Kev…I thought you were doomed. 👏🏼👍🏼

  28. UrkeTheBeast says

    What does matchload actually do?

  29. jaco_ ug69 says

    hello from turin🐂🐂🐂

  30. Pen Thief's views says

    No tongue in cheek mention of sam Allardyce?

  31. Chris Collins says

    I’d eight one of those spankings…

  32. Black Diamond Euphoria says

    Kev's confusion with Luiz Felipe's match name is the same as mine when i bought him

  33. Paul Mascall says

    Great result. Green screen please.

  34. Trollhund says


  35. Ciaran McDermott says

    Why does Kev not acknowledge Lazio

  36. juul colman says

    Just curious and may be a channel thing, but why doenst kev like lazio?

  37. NeilOB9 says

    Could someone explain the Lazio joke to me please?

  38. Will says

    I wasn't subscribed Kev. However, everytime I open YouTube one or more of your videos are recommended to me. I just subscribed now to help you out. Congratz on champions of Europe

  39. Cass says

    Should win the league if you incorporate luiz felipe

  40. Michael David Perry says

    Crazy result. Fantastic win, super Kev!!!!

  41. Don Dante says

    You really did a Bayern to Barca.

  42. Hasin Rayhan says

    HARVEY BARNES!! Just get the man his damn knighthood will ya?

  43. Randall V. Conger-Best says

    When you win like that, people can’t NOT subscribe! Go do it y’all!
    Also, where the hell is Windsor park??

  44. Arda Pro says

    8-1 This is barcelona destiny

  45. Isaac Frost says

    8-1 better than bayern

  46. MakeMeAmerican says

    I think this episode proves my theory that the “reputation” level of the competition (Nobody cares about the European Super Cup) creates weird results.

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