Basketball Card Investing: My 3 Holy Grail Basketball Cards Right Now


In this basketball card investing video, I talk about my 3 holy grail basketball cards right now that I’m chasing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Carsyn Cruz says

    Man Since I first started I wanted to own some select courtside prizm parallels of my favorite players. Being graded right now, I have several jimmy butlers, Jamal Murray’s, and Shai gilgeous Alexander in different paralells. All I need now is to get my rookies (Tyler herro, Bam (not sure he has any others besides a rookie) and I just got a couple Devin Bookers that are one the way. I want luka too, that’s gonna be my next goal, him and Jayson Tatum!! I had the red white and blue luka prizm rookie, sold it to get started, it was a little off centered,my next goal will be too get that back, those two courtside rookies and a Donovan Mitchell select rookie auto. Then I’ll have to reset my goals! Oh and kevin Durant rookies were big on my list, I have the upper deck (the low pop one) and the fleer glossy at grading right nowb

  2. Sports Cards Live says

    Great video dude. I'm right alongside you in terms of Lew and Wilt in the top 4.

    But then for me it's one of Russell, Bird/Magic, Kobe or Lebron. Not sure I'm man enough to choose just one.

    In terms of the market for MJ rookies, I don't think we will ever see $10K PSA 9's again in our lifetimes. (I do recognize that you were NOT implying that we would.)

    I'm a random collector north of the US border and have had a PSA 9 MJ socked away for 12 years and it will be socked away for decades ahead.

    The float to pop ratio on the MJ card is very low. The ratio is much lower than a base prizm Luka rookie PSA 10, and even the silver version too. So if you are going to go for a Luka in place of one of the cards I mentioned, at least you are going for a rare numbered copy (/199), that is absolutely beautiful in that blue.

    If you are planning to ever acquire an MJ, consider that over the course of the card's history, "now" has pretty much always been "the time". There will be fluctuations, but not to the extent of the card of a 21 year-old.

    So, would you consider switching up the MJ to #1? His card is much more stable…extremely more stable actually. Perhaps ask yourself if you will get enough more joy from the Luka (as you will get to see him play for hopefully many years ahead) to compensate you for the lower certainty/higher risk of a young player…and remember we are comparing to Michael freakin' Jordan.

    Ask yourself because there is A LOT to be said about joy and emotional value. So if it's the Luka because you get to ride the wave of his career as a huge fan, I completely resonate with that 100%.

    Alright, long enough comment. But before I go, I'll man up….my third is the Bird/Magic.

  3. Dusten Pribble says

    I bought the 1986 Fleer Jordan last month in a PSA 3. So happy to finally own one 😊 I don’t understand so many people buying Luka cards at such high prices. 🤨 He’s injury prone and still young. People forget DROSE was gonna be the next great once upon a time. Great vid Dustin 👍🏼

  4. Ryan Deffley says

    What's crazy is that ANY Jordan card can wind up being a "grail". I had a 2005 UD Gold Jordan that is pop 2 in PSA10 and it's #/23. I sent it into Probstein.

    After two days nearly $900 and 60 bids! I'm shocked it took off so much and I wonder how high it will go?!

  5. GroundZero says

    30k on Luka is insane. No rings yet and could be one injury away. Buy established Kobe MJ or LBJ

  6. Jason Jones says

    Great picks, Dustin! I want the Jordan too. I am very lucky to have won the Luka prizm blue in a break a couple years ago. Unfortunately it graded a psa 9. But I still love it. Might try to cross to BGS 9.5 since the only real issue is surface I think.

  7. Rodrigo Galimba says

    Great video .Got my grail Jordan rookie PSA 6 . Got also low grade Gretzky Nolan Ryan topps rc , I would love to own Chamberlin rookie and Mantle Bowman or Topps Rookie one day.

  8. Jonah Pulliam says

    Nice picks, that doncic blue has such great eye appeal

  9. Chris Hayes says

    If you're seriously looking at getting the 86 Fleer MJ, I'd recommend hedging your bet and grabbing a nice 6-8 grade sooner rather than later. I wouldn't hold my breath hoping for the mint 9 to drop below 10k again, you're likely to watch it go up while waiting.

    My holy grail's are mostly key/rare 90's insert MJ's. The OG 1997 PMG is the absolute dream.

  10. HB2 Video says

    As a diehard celtics fan….interesting to see where Hayward goes

  11. tleevee62 says

    Enjoyed the video, enjoyed the commentary. My basketball "grail" is these six, any year, decent shape. Chamberlain, Willis Reed, Jamal Wilkes, Oscar Robinson, Jerry West, and Bill Russell. I have the 86 Jordan rookie card and sticker, but I do not own a graded card. I am in the middle of having a PSA grading on some of my basketball to see how the process works.

  12. Diallo Dana says

    My all time PC fav is '85 interlake Jordan psa 5. It's such a hard card to get it and it's size measurement still surprises me.

  13. Rick Ellsmore says

    Thanks for sharing your holy grail – I can’t get lower than 5 and in no particular order – Magic/Bird, Jordan, Russell, Chamberlain, Alcindor/Jabbar. Lebron is in the mix, but so many out there.

  14. ShaneRobertMoreland says

    Wilt, MJ, and Bron top 3 basketball players all time

  15. T BM says

    Bird/Magic has to be in there somewhere to me. If they did not come along I think the NBA was going out of business. There would not have been an NBA for Michal Jordan to become a legend without them. Many important NBA RC's Russell, Chamberlain, West, etc. Tough to make just a top 3.

  16. Dustin Scout Coombs says

    Killian Hayes is going to be a STAR

  17. Drew Hunkins says

    My three Holy Grail hoops cards that I own:
    1.) '86 Jordan Fleer (obvious) (Mine is graded 8.5 with all subs at least 8.5)
    2.) '03 Lebron Topps Chrome (Mine is graded 9)
    3.) '70 Alcindor (2nd yr) (Mine is graded 7)
    My three Holy Grail hoops cards that I'd love to acquire someday:
    1.) '80 Topps Bird, Magic, Dr J (at least an 8)
    2.) 2008 Topps Chrome Bryant card with Lebron guarding him (at least an 8.5)
    3.) '69 Alcindor rookie (at least a 6.5)

  18. Jeffrey Whittler says

    Let’s just 🛑 stop the comparison of Luka being the next LeBron, Kobe, Bird or Jordan. The guy does not play any defense. He’s an offensive specialist. Does not have great quickness or hops.

  19. Petite Persian Perspective says

    I had the Elgin Baylor from that 61 set-sold it this month at a SGC 4.

  20. Robert Beasley says

    You should divide your wish list into two groups; older cards and newer ones.
    So I'm giving you two more newer card selections to make
    The one card I'm chasing but is out of my price range, is the '96 Topps chrome Kobe Bryant youthquake.

  21. Gkepler3 says

    2013 was by far the worst. Ppl are saying it’s bad because we’ve had great classes past 2 years

  22. JChriStiaN648 says

    Nice picks

  23. Dex Flo says

    My current goal is to get the original dream team rookies in best grade possible that is within my budget. Already own the toughest psa 7 Jordan. Also own a psa 9 Pippen. And yesterday picked up a psa 10 Stockton rookie.

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