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  2. mahbub islam says

    Awesome video

  3. How to jump higher says

    Nice video

  4. Jonas Andrew says

    Nice and Thanks

  5. W Peter says

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  6. khrystianie kyene lozada says

    kinda hard to know?

  7. Melissa Marie says

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  8. AbdulWaahid Massey says

    thats not the drills fault. kids naturally want to dribble with their heads down its up to the coaches to keep reinforcing the concept of dribbling with your head up

  9. Taba Baterdene says

    songs why?

  10. fayediagne says

    nice drills

  11. K Francisco says

    Them looking on the ball doesnt necesseraly affect the drills for everyone… at first everyone looks at the ball when doing ball handling drills, but at time they get used to it and be able to do it without looking


    I don't like these drills because it has the kids to focused on the ball and not keeping their head up

  13. Anikó Fekete says

    The other song title ?

  14. Anikó Fekete says

    Hi, I would like to ask you what the address of the first music?
    I'm Hungarian. 🙂
    I hope you can help, Thanks in advance would be very important.

  15. H Zab says

    Head up!

  16. jonyboi21 says

    goofy work out yall aint even gooin hard

  17. Omar Jeffrey says

    wow i played basketball at NOVA highschool 2000 – 04 coach kiger miss those days

  18. kat D says

    @gangpor first song: my time by jeremiah. 2nd song: superstar by Lupe Fiasco.

  19. DOCTOROFLUVV88 says

    these dudes are pretty dope!

  20. NightSkyHigh says

    @itsnotlearning yeah i love that song 😀

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