Basketball Wives WHOSE RETURNING + Cecelia Gutierrez Shares PAINFUL STORY 😭


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  1. Grace Turner says

    Nah Jackie Christie is a bonafide Basketball wife!!!

  2. Sonja Bridgeman says

    I'm not watching the show I had enough of these ladies

  3. Latoya Taylor says

    I have that grey outfit Evelyn was wearing… As a matter of fact im wearing it in my profile pic 😂

  4. Katrina Shostakovich says

    0:20 who is the girl standing all the way to the left? she is really beautiful

  5. Jerrico High says

    Evelyn is Just Mad At OG Cause She Threw Her in Them Bushes 😭😹😹🤣

  6. Patrice J Avery says

    Evelyn was always coming

  7. Lisa D says

    I would love to watch OG have children and flourish

  8. Pudding says

    Evelyn and Shaunie with her bull nose are colorist and liars.

  9. Cynthia says

    Ooooh, I'm on my grammatical correcting pedestal again, but…….I won't do it this time. Ohhh, it hurts to not offer the correction. ::::::walking away:::::::

  10. Camille C says

    🙄🥱🤬😩 regarding the up & coming season of BBW, but we will see.☮️😊

  11. Tammy Hall says

    Wdf them bringing back Feby for😩😩😩😩😩😩🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻

  12. ThinMan 88 says

    Love me some Jen, Jackie and Og.

  13. Haya Glamazon says

    Cece, OG and Jackie need to come back.

  14. Tia Wessells says

    Don't forget about Jackie Christie she's a basketball wife she's been married to her husband for over 20 years I think

  15. THE MRS. says

    This show don played out!!!!!

  16. Ms Monie says

    Of course Evelyn coming back she need that check. Jackie my favorite.

  17. Precious Owusu says

    Why is it the one that always in something get the law involved.

  18. Sharon MCclain says

    She needed that check

  19. Baby Esther says

    Key Jackie Is The Wife Of BBW.

  20. Baby Esther says

    Eve, Shaunie, & Shaq are Colorist…

  21. C Billa says

    Of course Evelyn coming back…. she needs the money…. the only fans account ain’t paying the bills!!!!

  22. meek meek love says

    LMAO what you said slow. I love the shade you throw

  23. Vinyl Girl says

    Evelyn. Haven't forgotten last season. I cant stand mean girls/ women acting a damn fool

  24. Angel Sweet says

    Evelyn was bound to come back! She knows she needs the money since she can’t keep a man…

  25. Paula N. Williams says

    Uh – oh!!! New season ,new drama can't wait to see these ladies.

  26. Sha Creations says

    Not watching! It’s a lot going on in 2020 but we haven’t forgotten about last season 🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. Sherry Hardimon says

    I hope OG stays on the show I hate Jackie and I really will miss Tammy

  28. Sara walcott says

    Evelyn need the job she is talking (BS) and most of does Puerto Rican their are colorists she knows she is lying

  29. Luis Alvelo says

    It’s not Fern it’s Feby. Seems like Feby is forgettable. “I don’t know her” (Mariah Carey voice).😂😂😂

  30. RASTA FAR_I 444 says

    Them heffas old as shit.

  31. brownbronxbaby says

    Ewww, I’m not Watching… Tired of These Old Women…… Really like OG, but I’m over These Grandmothers!

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