1. Vin Onkun says

    Be sure to read the review of Beauty Of Food on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/beauty-of-food-review/ Thanks, Kostas.

  2. demonetization station says

    @DevilMayCry20111 Don't panic by coldplay

  3. Yoana Tsaneva says

    @skateluvr14 Because thats how is,it has alot of stupid people,the taste is addicting and besides,i've heard that the food is REALLY cheap and there is a huge selection of unhealthy fast foods,so those are a few of the reasons why people get so disguistingly obese…

  4. Yoana Tsaneva says

    @Tinker7300 Keep it up! 🙂
    Thats the only actual way of feeling and looking good and healthy!

  5. BoredWithConfusion says

    ahahahaha! a mcdonalds barbie XD thats so terrible!

  6. alex says

    i am trying to change the way i eat so that i can be healthier =3

    it makes me so excited

  7. Left Hand mechanical Inc. says

    before I sometimes ate candy and stuff, but now I change to dried fruits instead, cause I find that alot better than candy.

  8. Dancehall Burlesque 2020 says

    @skateluvr14 people have bad habits!

  9. moocat11 says

    The incredible rujevenation that is the "current" Galvanic Spa and Age-Loc technology treatment brings out the most beautiful faces in the world. Now finally there is a viable reasonably affordable solution for you and I to have the same fresh permanent vibrant youthful appearance that grace many superstars. Now we have a reason to smile bigger! Its our little secret! and its our turn!

  10. JMeyse says

    @tcevallos This is "Don't Panic" by Coldplay

  11. Tony A says

    this song is cool.does anyone knows who sings it?

  12. Batcavestuff says

    is true that fast food makes you fat if you eat it on a regular basis. MODERATION is the key here. Eat healthier foods during the week like fruits and vegetables and save the beer, burgers, pizza and pancakes for the weekend. It works for me!

  13. Joseph03743 says

    Eating less meat is probably a good idea for some people but how about for blood type O like me, the protein type? Too much advice doesn't take into account the blood/body types, therefore I tend to disregard it. Too much of meat's bad rap is the fault of factory farmed meat. I eat grass fed, high quality beef, not factory farmed.

  14. Denisehealthnut says

    Yes, the world I live in is Delicious!

  15. Claire says

    I lol'd

  16. 54spiritedwill54 says

    cool video

  17. brigitte bejo says

    MANGEZ BIO !!!
    C'est bon pour l'environnement et la santé !

  18. knailsx says

    This video is horrid. It is extremely biased towards "organic" food. But is has never been scientifically proven that pesticides, fertilizers, etc. that farmers use to grow bigger, more consistent crops, and to prevent loss from any sources, are harmful in any way to any person.

  19. jeahlinah01 says

    Excuse me? I guess you need to go back to school! you think having not eating meat you cannot have fat/ calories from being vegetarian? Fish is a good source of fat (Omega 3)I make my own healthy home meals, i have 6 kids and all of them are honor students and I'm a CHEMIST for 3 years…you're such an idiot eliterate jealous person…use your brain before you jugde people…(dead brain) i guess…

  20. jeahlinah01 says

    I strongly agree!! EAT REAL HEALTHY FOOD..LIKE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES,MAKE US YOUNG AND NO FAT IN OUR BODY..I'M PROUD BEING VEGETARIAN..and i plant my own organic food in my backyard….

  21. Food Matters says

    Watch trailer to new movie on natural health foodmatters[dot]tv

  22. okdanhe says

    i eat very unhealthy, yet i dont have any problems with my body i am not gaining weight i am in a very good physical shape, and dont have any health problems. but not all ppl are as lucky as me i guess, good vid

  23. girgle5 says

    your awesome

  24. NolaMarieSings says

    i just ate a whole small pizza and chugged it down with a tall ice cole PEPSI and i feel like a fat fuck. tomorrow I will wake up feeling like an elephants butt!

  25. Beverley Forbes says

    Beauty food… Is there such a thing?

  26. PrincesseJen says

    This video is great.

  27. Juhie Modi says


  28. Juhie Modi says

    Quite possibly. I looked it up on Amazon, and it's listen as "Don't Panic" but it may have 2 titles.

  29. Juhie Modi says

    I could have sworn it was "Don't Panic." I'm actually pretty sure it is.

  30. Angelonly says

    Thank-you for the good, sound advice. 🙂

  31. Fanniedee says

    Very good video, I enjoyed it and so informative. I eat fruits and veggies every single day and my body feels and looks 100% better. This is a video that should be seen by all. I've shared it with my family and friends. Thank you.

  32. niceguido says

    All of us whome love a good life for our children must share the truth. GMO is a bad thing happened in our food chain. Let us get educated about it.Who knows if we are eating that? Let share what we know.

  33. AllUrUtubeRbelong2me says

    The real food pictures do look nice indeed.

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