Ben Simmons ADMITS He Stopped Enjoying Basketball But Claims He Has A Brand New Jumpshot!


Ben Simmons admits that he lost his love for basketball last season…but don’t worry Sixers fans, he fell in love with it again. And huge news…the athlete claims he’s comfortable shooting jump shots. He’s ready to make that five year, 170 million dollar contract worthwhile
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  1. James says

    Not to mention they have a healthier Jojo that has lost some weight

  2. Jake Facchinato says

    🤜🏼🌰 🤜🏼🌰

  3. Santonio Elkins says

    A consistent jump shot and more aggression defensively would put this man in another dimension

  4. Ninja81 says

    Hie Antonio

  5. boxing4 life says

    He def not going to have a jump shot.. no one goes 3 years without even making a 3 nd then all of a sudden turning to a shooter..practice nd the game way diff ben been making shots in practice since lsu

  6. Pens Suck says

    I ain't mad at him for losing his love for the game. It's a business for him, and doing the same shit over and over again can get monotonous. He's put in the work we wanted from him last summer, so now we're waiting to see him take another step forward. If that jumper is for real, it's over — the Sixers will be in the Finals.

  7. Eliptic says

    That is super scary Ben Simmons with a decent jump shot is gonna kill the balance of the upcoming season and the 76ers are starting to look like actual competitors

  8. Juana Perez says

    This wouldn’t happen to Kobe, Mamba Mentality means always hungry LakerNation let’s gooo

  9. Leonhart11 says

    NBA players these days make so much money even before they have proven themselves so they lost interest playing at all. Before you have to earn it so everyone plays very hard.

  10. westbrick says

    y’all realize he only really shot like 3 threes, the rest were half court shots

  11. milenial la verdad says

    If Ben doesn't get a jumpshot 76ers ain't getting no rings

  12. Shaun M says

    This dude is a clown, no way his jumper is better. He should have fixed that while he was skipping classes at LSU.

  13. Humble Beginnings says

    Naw man, he was more worried about the curse of a leaching, life force sucking female. Especially dealing with a Kardashian. Young, talented desirable, primed and still get blue pilled. Stay focused young brotha a "F" them broads

  14. Death Bringer69 says

    That’s some kuroko no basketball shit

  15. Kanekik says

    The media made him lose the enjoyment

  16. FBI says

    Hopefully next season he get Rookie of the year. And the following season most improved Rookie. And following that. Best Rookie of the Decade

  17. Be Woke Jeanty says

    He had so much criticism 🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Ayesha Jones says

    He should go become an afl players

  19. Sup Dude says

    Sixers not making it to the finals 😂 I’m not buying the “height” hype. They lost jj and jimmy. Ben has to at least hit 30% of his threes. Joe has to be heathy and they’re still young. It’s a lot that has to go rite for them to see the finals

  20. Nah fam says

    Heard it hear first kd returns November and sixers vs nets in eastern conference finals sixers win in 6

  21. MIDNightPT4 says

    Its his 3rd season??

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