Best Things to do in MELAKA MALAYSIA – [Full Travel Guide]


Melaka or also often spelled as Malacca, is one of Malaysia’s most important centers of history. Melaka has been an important trading hub due to its location along the spice route. Due to this attractive location, many traders from India, China, Portugal, Netherlands and Arabia came to this port to buy and sell their goods. The traces of all these peoples can be found up to today and thus, it does not surprise one by seeing temples, churches and mosques in the same street. Today, Melaka is one of the most visited towns in Malaysia, by locals, Singaporean and Chinese tourists. The great attractivity of Melaka arises from its many historical buildings, street markets and Peranakan culture. The latter form a unique ethnic group, as they are the descendants of Chinese traders, who intermarried with Malay women. Therefore, visiting some of their museums, as well as trying their cuisine is highly recommended. In the list below you find some of my suggested places that I did not show in the video:
– Melaka Sultanate Palace
– Kampung Hulu Mosque
– Sababa Gallery (Selfie Museum)
– St Francis Xavier Church
– Taming Sari Tower
– Cheng He Museum
– Masjid Cina Melaka

How to reach Melaka:
– Take a bus from Kuala Lumpur (tickets are usually very cheap, 3h ride)
– Take a bus from Johor Bahru (3h ride)

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    Another amazing region of Malaysia, Melaka. Like in Penang, I see here beautiful traditional culture, different ethnic group, different religions living side by side in harmony, how the people keep their own traditional culture. To be honest, from your videos I've learned a lot of different culture. Due to my previous Austronesistik study in 🇩🇪, I am very happy to watch your traveling experience in Asia. For example here, I learned about the peranakan people. And … for the first time I know that there is also Kampung Keling, like in Medan Sumatera Utara. I lived in Medan for 3 years. So many beautiful diverse places to visit. Did you buy Tanjak?Djemo, thank you for making this great guidance video 😉

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