Biden delivers remarks on health care in Southfield, Michigan


Former Vice President Joe Biden will deliver remarks on health care in Southfield, Michigan. .

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  1. Christer.S says

    The Biden’s are America’s 2nd most corrupt crooked family.

    In 1st place are The Clinton’s.

    Support president Donald Trump and vice president Pence for this coming elections and they love the country and the American people with all races

  2. starrmtn001 says

    Biden closes with God Bless everything, except America! It's what Biden doesn't say that is the most telling. VOTE TRUMP!!!

  3. Mr Entertainment says

    Biden is as old as Trump but acts socially awkward to his supporters.

  4. Lightning Driver says

    Biden belongs in federal prison.

  5. Michele Connolly says

    How can Gary Peters say Whitmer cares about facts? Joke! Biden can’t lead. The Obama admin didn’t act until 1000 people died during H1N1 occurred. If Biden was leading at beginning of COVID-19. President Trump and republicans have supported precondition health care coverage. Trump lowered drug prices. Peters you lie!

  6. Carmen Duhon says


  7. San Antonio Slim says

    Biden sucks.

  8. Tenna Murfett says

    Those 2 mikes on the podium must not be in use because Slow Joe voice keeps fading out. I guess there's no need for a full sound system if there's no audience.

  9. dave cavender says

    White coats Comming soon

  10. dave cavender says

    Sorry I fell asleep

  11. Destination Everywhere says

    Corrupt democrat..

  12. Amazou! Hareb says

    pour qui on doit votez apres tout ces monsanges!!!! les deux !!

  13. Angel J says


  14. MAGA_2020 says

    If that was a "Dog Whistle" then why the heck did Joe not coming running?🐕

  15. Michael Kranyak says

    Biden family puts the Clintons to shame regarding corruption. Joe ran his family like the mob shaking down: China, Russian an others.

  16. Kaydgood Q says

    WILL THOSE CHARGING STATIONS EVEN BE IN CALIFORNIA??? We can't even turn on our lights, what B S!!!

  17. Michael Cochran says

    I think Biden’s dad and grandfather should have said, “Joey, you shouldn’t extort governments from other countries and you shouldn’t send your son out to help make it happen”

  18. *BeauJameson* says

    All dem rallies have the speaker looking to the extreme right and left because nobody is there to look at

  19. Kaydgood Q says


  20. Allen michaels says

    Where is Don Jr?.. is he at the Moscow Coke plant trying to bring jobs to America.. how sweet

  21. Rani Rich says

    If Obamacrap was so good, why did Biden and congress exempt themselves?

  22. Bob Silsley says

    I’m pissed trump knew the dangers of the deadly airborne virus in February and then deliberately lied to cover up the truth. Then he bragged to Bob Woodward on tape that he lied . Trump and Pence are still lying 8 months later. Look at what their lie did to our economy and our jobs. Save America Fire Trump now

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