*BIG ROOKIE & VET AUTO HITS!* 2019-20 Panini Immaculate Basketball FOTL 2 Box Break #1


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2019-20 Panini Immaculate Collection 1st/First Off The Line 2 hobby box break #1. An early look at one of the most popular basketball products! WE PULLED SOME BIG ROOKIE & VET AUTO HITS! Product comes in 5-box cases and has 6 cards per box (3 autos, 2 mem cards).

Names and their assigned teams:
Names verification code: bysbac
Team verification code: tjztgk

Jared Neil – Philadelphia 76ers
Orlando Juan Portillo – Chicago Bulls
Martin Zimmel – Memphis Grizzlies
Lachy Gregory – Los Angeles Lakers
Roman Trociuk – San Antonio Spurs
Eddie Martinez – New Orleans Pelicans
Matt Fong – Milwaukee Bucks
Nemeer Zeya – Detroit Pistons
Franklin Co – Sacramento Kings
Jenna Marcoccio – OKC Thunder
Seth Lurie – Utah Jazz
Kunihiko Yonezawa – Minnesota Timberwolves
Jennie Casanova – Miami Heat
CHI YANG TSAI – Brooklyn Nets
Andrew Jiang – Portland Trail Blazers
Austin Benedetto – Indiana Pacers
Dean Verona – New York Knicks
Levi DeLozier – Washington Wizards
craig watanabe – Charlotte Hornets
Simon Lacerte – Dallas Mavericks
James Mahmuti – Houston Rockets
Roman Trociuk – Golden State Warriors
Max Hsu – Boston Celtics
CHIWEI FAN – LA Clippers
LIXIAO CHEN – Denver Nuggets
Cameron Hutton – Phoenix Suns
Adam Kaftalovich – Atlanta Hawks
Bobby Wireman – Toronto Raptors
Randy Boudreaux II – Cleveland Cavaliers
John Rucker – Orlando Magic

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  1. Cayden Neuzil says

    Are those tins for sale I think that would be fire to have

  2. William Treleaven says

    can you get zion sneaker swatch?

  3. William Treleaven says

    the kat shoe was a kyrie

  4. DaRealLegend Of Gaming says

    That Jayson Tatum was a sweet hit and as a knicks fan the RJ and Trier 🔥

  5. ZG Films says

    whoever said windler is a bust is a casual since he missed the whole year with a injury

  6. Sweaty G says

    It’s so cool and interesting to watch you open packs but it makes me so jealous lol

  7. Eliot Naiman-Molina says

    I have a jarret Allen auto from threads and the autograph looks completely different it’s strange

  8. starset81 says

    Block chain cards are both digital and physical and they are one of ones

  9. OU8ONE 2 says

    Man Ive watch you open 3 boxes of that product so far, and haven’t come close to paying for anything yet! 🙄. 3K per, ouch…… nice video as always though brother 👊🏼

  10. daniel alon7 says

    Do you do international shipping??

  11. ntonio_c_d says

    Take a drink every time Packman says thick 😂

  12. Steve Oquendo says

    💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that Jason Tatum and that RJ Barrett are something else

  13. Витя Пушок says
  14. Shayne Sy says

    Damn. 3k per box and you have 6

  15. Mikey Garcia says

    How much is a spot?

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