1. QuincyIQ says

    You guys ever going to distribute to America? I’d love to buy some!

  2. NightShift2000 says

    skull crushes

  3. Odin Oddinson says

    When is it coming to Australia?

  4. I am Venom says

    I like this clip😑😐😑

  5. Shane Dickson says

    I'm only commenting to say that this is the best fucking vodka I've ever had. I ordered myself some a few weeks back, had a shot, and for once in my pussy ass life decided that I didn't want a cocktail or even a chaser. I drank this shit like it was the fuckin elixir of life. If anyone has never had this then you're only cheating yourself. I can't wait to try the gin next!

  6. normal störd says


  7. Simen Gundersen says

    Thor: lifts 500 kg easy in a competition.

    2 seconds after the lift: EINAR!! IT'S TOO SMALL

  8. Jeff Lamb says

    But where can I buy that giant copper tankard?

  9. Dennis Budimovic says

    Haha XD i love your humor. But don t be to hard to Einar Thor don t make him sad <3

  10. Iceslayer666 says

    Einar, if Halthor gives you nothing to drink, I should invite you ………. Too bad that you are too far away ….. ^^

  11. DesertMarine says

    This is a good post workout recovery drink right???

  12. Ricky says

    Einar needs to go back to work anyway. No time for him to drink.

  13. dotCom says

    Poor Einar…

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