1. Nicolas Alcalde says

    "Jordan didn't have any weaknesses."

    Meanwhile Jordan was punching teammates in the face and refusing to speak to Rodman off the court…. Meanwhile if you take away the three years the NBA moved up the three point line several feet Jordan would have the worst percentage in the history of the NBA…. Meanwhile Jordan wasn't the leader of his teams….

  2. Trenton says

    These old senile guys like chris broussard aren't capable of using logic in their arguments. How does he get paid to be that bad as an analyst?

  3. Chris says

    I find it interesting when members of the media talk about “the media” as if they are not a part of it.

  4. wildhorse891 says

    Nick dead wrong, here's why:

    1) Jordan was on a crap team. He never BUILT a super team. He had to wait patiently. The highly conservative rules of the NBA from that era would have ruined him if he made such bold demands and schemes. It took yeeeeears for players to gain that kind of power. They were barely even getting paid. Jordan was the BEST player on his crap team for years. He was the best player on his team since he was a rookie. Carrying the weight of an entire crap franchise on your back as a baby is tough, he needed to go through the system to build himself stronger while he waited for his team to naturally form around him, an endeavor that took years. Going to the playoffs as a rookie isn't being a loser. Nick is a hater.

    2) How a baby going to beat one of the OG Goats when he trapped on a crap team? It was a miracle that Magic did it. But it's a rare, rare, rare, thing. And people still put MJ over Magic. And Magic was AMAZING.

    3) MJ beat EVERY. SINGLE. TEAM in the NBA back to back to back for like an entire decade. Sooo… everyone that played during that era wasn't sh*t huh? Nick you WRONG. There are teams today not as good as the Pacers, Knicks, Sonics, Jazz, Pistons and Magic. Shaq and Penny not a super team? Pistons weren't a super team? Maaaaaan, please.

    4) The east was terrible? Simply incorrect. See Indiana, Magic, Detroit and NYC.

    5) NOBODY won rings for like a decade because of him!!!! When he wasn't in his prime, yes, people were sharing between Lakers, Pistons and Magic, but that's GOAT stuff. GOATS were eating when MJ was a baby! He grew up, and as a full grown goat, he was EATING OFF THEY PLATE!!! PLEASE. NICK YOU WRONG.

    6) Lebron ain't even the best Laker. How he THE GOAT? He don't even have 5 Kobe rings. He's NEVER had a three-peat.

    7) Jordan won his first ring at 28. Lebron at 27. But Lebron had been playing pro for 3 more years at that time longer than jordan. 3 years more pro experience. Lebron will never get 6 rings. NEVER. NEEEEEEEEVER!!

    8) GOAT is relative. Bill Russell is the most winningest player ever. 11 titles in 13 years. He's on the mountain top. So is Dr J. So is Wilt. So is Bird. So is Magic. So is Jordan. Beneath that is Kobe and Shaq stratosphere. Lebron is knocking on that Shaq level. Maybe already there. But he ain't even eclipse Kobe. How he gonna challenge his royal airness? PUH-LEEEEASE.

  5. Warriors Fan Since 2020 says

    Well Jordan shot 33% from 3pt so that is a weakness we just didn't know it back then

  6. Qool AzzIzz says

    There Nick goes again messing up people's willful amnesia with truth. Reality has no place in MJ's legacy.

  7. Craig Bowdry says

    Nick blasted y'all argument

  8. NurdIII says

    Why tf this dude screaming like that. Just cuz you screaming don’t make you right

  9. Brian S. Wilson says

    Nick is wrong. I don't even want to add an insult. Just state the fact, he's wrong.

  10. ryan lebard says

    What Chris meant to say was MJ dominated after bird and the Celtics,, the pistons…, 76ers and Showtime lakers were old and done

  11. DrAmit Gajeelee says

    Imagine steph curry joining lebron at lakers and so what Steve kerr did to bulls with jordan.Thats would be a good one!

  12. Brenden Knight says

    Nick just bodied Chris.

  13. Matt Hoy says

    Why does Chris Broussard talk?

  14. AJ Weimer says

    Stop saying it took lebron 17 years to get the 4th won think about it as he is in his 17th year still getting dubs like what

  15. realkelvincampbell says

    Jordan did not stop Patrick Ewing from win a championship elijahwan one and Tim Duncan here to opportunities River did Jordan stop Shaq from winning a championship Shaq went to the championship in 95 and lost and it was not true Jordan

  16. Think_Tank says

    The elephant 🐘 in the room here is that LBJ's career ain't done. Why don't we wait? It's not exactly fair to compare a full career to an incomplete career.

  17. Tony says

    Nick Flexing!! 😂😂

  18. Maranatha 1 says


  19. Joshua Mckoy says

    Nick is absolutely right

  20. BLACK THANOS says

    Nick is forever slaughtering Chris and everyone pretends that he didn't. Its like the emperor's new clothes. Everyone who debates Nick ends up naked but nobody will admit it. Chris did NOTHING but deflect after Nick tore him a new asshole. I NEVER realized how lame Chris is until I started watching him debate Nick. He's NEVER won in my opinion. EVER lol.

  21. Mavebrix Camanga says

    Lets go home…… lets go home……. how could Nick go wrong…… he is Nick Wright? 3-1……… but the 1 wins…….

  22. jayceh says

    Last thing.
    Jordan just stayed on one team and had the owner and GM build the team for him.
    LeBron had to GM every team he won on, after Cleveland failed the first 7 years. And also assistant coach every team he's been on.

  23. jayceh says

    Jordan's weakness is playing without Pippen.
    Pippen without Jordan is in the conference finals. Jordan without Pippen can't make it out of the first round.

  24. kenneth poll says

    Fucking damn show… Always praising jordan… They dont want to mention bad game or bad plays of jordan… Fuck u chris…

  25. LEX says

    Jordan had plenty Of weaknesses he couldn't shoot threes, he was not a good rebounder, on defense he couldn't pick up a power forward or center he was a liability to small, He couldn't go in the low post and post up centers or power forwards. Jordan's 2-3 peats came during the most watered down time in the NBA. The league had a lack of talent, too many teams with 1 hall of famer, some teams with no future great players, It was full of expansion teams, There were not many good perimeter defenders, Most of all the eighties dynasties died out Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, so there was a power vacuum in the league no dynasties left. Players cant go where they want it wasn't like that then free agency It's more free now. Jordan feasted, became a lot easier version of the nba, Jordan never faced a tough finals Opponent.

  26. Lebone Makhale says

    Nick has a point

  27. M Ca says

    Nick is right

  28. Sir Mystic Da God says

    Nick is a clown of an analyst and a delusional Lebron James worshiper. It's like hes apart of some Lebron James occult or something.. it's really sickening to say the least. Chris was obviously saying once Jordan had a competing team, (Not some Super Starstudded team that Lebron forms) but a solid team, Jordan's run was unstoppable! NO other team had it going like the Bulls back then. No other team was eating (like Chris says) or even sniffing a chip while Jordan was in his prime. Plus while winning back to back 3peats and Mvps, Scoring Titles etc. He did it with grit and grace. That's what makes Jordan so Dominant and that's why he's the GOAT. Lebron had to hop on a stacked squad to win any and every chip he's won. And it seems like when the going gets tough he bounces to the next stacked team. That's not a GOAT to me, that's a easy way outter. Lebron is great but not as great as the TRUE Greatest Basketball Player to have ever played the game.. That's Michael "Air" Jordan.

  29. Jaime Martinez says

    Bron's gonna end his career with a bang !!

  30. Alexandra Neagu says

    Nick Wright failed to mention that Hakeem and Drexler won their titles when MJ was out of the league and/or was out of basketball shape for those few games at the end of the ‘95 season. And then he says Shaq and Kobe ate under Jordan’s watch? Nice try Nick, Michael was a Wizard in 2001, CB was specifically talking about the time period when MJ was with the Bulls. So therefore we can wipe those 4 players off his list. But that’s typical Nick Wright, purposely trying to distort the facts.

  31. Edgar Garcia Bravo says

    Jordan’s prime was only 7 years lebron was great the moment he joined the league till now

  32. kung fuju says

    Man ppl is haters, you can't win every damn time, especially in this day an age. Damn near impossible with this level of talent that's only goin up. European teams are even far superior to teams back then. But one thing that's certain, sure he has more losses in the finals for now, but every organization who's Jersey he has dawned, has felt the glory of a championship

  33. kung fuju says

    Will someone tell them that nick laid down indisputable facts. They're basically like "..but fuck those other 9 seasons Jordan wasn't even good enough to make the finals (which clearly means that stage would've been much too large) those 6 seasons were remarkable and historical!

  34. 7 Logik says

    Broussard speaking facts

  35. Lane Jopson says

    He is right though. Lebron had a meltdown. Jordan never did

  36. Lane Jopson says

    Yo Broussard spitting straight facts

  37. Corey Gilmore says

    I love Nick but that chart was one of his worst takes ever.

  38. Corey Gilmore says

    Jordan has had a greater career why is this so hard to see you can look it up and see his accomplishments. Lebron might be a better player or might have better numbers but better numbers doesn't mean greater than, which includes many things.

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