Building a HEALTHIER Ontario: Tina Ceroni's Story


Diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, patient Tina Ceroni became the second person in the world to receive a revolutionary treatment pioneered by Dr. Atkins at the Ottawa Hospital. See how one of Ontario’s 24 research hospitals has made Tina healthier. #onHWS

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  1. Aidan G Walsh says

    Is there any more updated News when larger Clinical Trials will commence on this condition in Ottawa at this Hospital with Dr. Atkins Team on the treatment you had there? Is it Funding that slows this down now or Medical Politics? thanks wish you wellness Always & also thanks for your awareness Video it gives everyone Hope xx bless you Tina xx

  2. Jocelyne Okens says

    Wonderful video Tina. So happy for you and your love ones.

  3. Jennifer Ryell says

    Great video Tina. You continue to inspire. All the best to you and your family.

  4. Angela Ceroni says

    amazing story Tina, you are a real inspiration to us all.

  5. Brian says

    Great video Tina, top quality production values, and of course it's an incredible story. The voice over might be my favourite part though …

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