C8 Corvette vs GT500 Mustang | Drag & Roll-on Racing Comparison


2020 C8 Corvette (495 hp) vs 2020 Mustang shelby GT500 (760 hp) – both bone stock for now – race each other from a dig and from a roll. Which one wins? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. F100 FE390 says

    0:37 to 0:42 is 0-60 mph. SHAMEFUL!

  2. Michael Taylor says

    The funniest part about this whole thing is that the Corvette is suppose to be a "super" car and it gets smoked by a muscle car. Chevy just needs to give up already 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Ford all day baby🤘😎

  3. The Quarantine Family says

    That C8 with just that little bit horsepower is absolutely ridiculous

  4. J The Original says

    My two favorite cars. U can get those Corvette twice as fast

  5. warren wood says

    Coyotes eating lunch.

  6. The knights chamber says

    Is they vtec v8s

  7. Memo Rios says

    Big ford fan but daimnnnnnn thoes c8s are insane!!!

  8. Marcello 2005 says

    My two favorite cars released in 2020

  9. SWO TAR says

    Nobody is gonna go buy a C8 and not touch it except for garage queens. Age old goes back to the 80’s, can always find a faster car no matter if it will only run a few times down the track. 2 distinct classes of cars here, line it up against the Z06 or ZR1. Let’s face it money isn’t a factor when people are buying this class of machine.

  10. Thrawn says

    Not even the ZR1, it's just a baseline Z06, with like 300 less horsepower. Comparing the two is just comical outside just for fun.

  11. Greg Whittenberg says

    What’s the point of comparing a supercharger gt500 (760 HP) to a Z51 c8 Corvette (495 HP). Like why not wait until the Z06 comes out.

  12. Darren Hefford says


  13. BIG DOM says

    Can’t even hear the c8. Not that I’d want to anyways.

  14. Tony Vaughn says

    Its a shame that the average working person can't afford either one.

  15. Ronnie E. Toney says

    The best racing video on the the web. No music or unnecessary talking or waisted time… just action!!

  16. Kalil Celestin says

    I love how the c8 is so light dodge take notes

  17. Daniel Amparan says

    Hennesey perfermance could you please do a gt500 vs dodge demon both

  18. 427TTM6 says

    C8: this is only my base form..

  19. Sohil Sultani says

    Stock c8 faster than gt 500 😂😂

  20. Joe Harder says

    Is there a video of your HPE850 package on the GT350 vs the C8? I’d like to see that! This video was Awesome too! Go Ford! 😉

  21. Salman Kh says

    Shelby Wins

  22. Salman Kh says

    Shelby GT500: I’m Coming For You
    Corvette: No !!!!!

  23. check zingo says

    Pretty bad Ford's muscle car is beating the chevy sports car

  24. truongvinh nguyenthanh Channel says

    lofi hiphop

  25. nas money jones says

    Corvette c8 I like that so nice and everything to

  26. vn way says

    dream on

  27. Paul Appelle says

    It’s not even a stock vette and the ford beat it

  28. Dani Delaney says

    Corvettes = way overrated.

  29. Denis Flores says

    Shelby still got it.

  30. Randy M says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…For not taking a 12 second drag race; and making us watch it stretched into a 30 minute video!

  31. Ace Ventura says

    C8 vs demon, but please heat up the radials before hand. So many people test the demon without heating up its tires. No point in having the radials if you don’t heat them up.

  32. Sarthak Vig says

    Never mess with king🤴🤴

  33. John Coleman says

    I think the more powerful upcoming c8 corvettes will perform marginally better than this standard C8. I do not foresee the C8 benefiting tons from more horsepower, since it accelerates so well due to its transmission. The new C8 reminds me of a GTR.

  34. William Perry says

    This is so crazy!! I'm so used to the Corvette beating the mustang so easily.

  35. Robert Hall says

    Get someone who knows how to drive

  36. Dominick Sforza says

    I don't' know here guys, a stock 495hp C8 was hanging pretty well against a 760hp gt500. The gt has a 265hp advantage and it was pretty far down the road before it was able to pass the C8. I'm sure there's gonna be good aftermarket goodies for the gt500, by then ttho the C8 ZO6 will be pushing past 800hp, then comes the C8 ZORA, that thing is going to be totally off the chain. What a great time for muscle cars, the 60s were classics but these cars are light years ahead of that. What a great time for us performance car lovers.

  37. 97sswcubes 78 says

    I read, "however the stang will eventually over take it" and win by a hair…
    Why don't we even things out and spray the c8 with a mild shot of giggle gas. Say 75 shot and see who crosses the line first. The c8 would still be under powered.
    To me the vette is far more impressive machine than the stang. Stang is just a bodybuilder on steroids. C8 is Bruce Lee.
    Just my opinion.

  38. Alex SAMANO says

    Come on Z06👑

  39. Carolina Born says

    I just like all the wait until the Zora or Z06 come out comments.Thats like getting your butt kicked and needing two years to get the guy back.

  40. Mike Higby says

    Put a coyote motor in the c8 and the results will be different

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