Can These Chefs Turn This Ice Queen Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty


Tasty Chefs Alix and Hannah compete to turn Asmara’s ice queen drawing into a delicious, real-world treat. Who will freeze under pressure?

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  1. Liani Gonzalez says

    Wow that lil girl draws better than me 😂

  2. Dae says

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how she looks like mini Camilla Cabello?

  3. XolaBola .-. says

    Can there be a middle school version after cv I am 11 pls

  4. Aishwarya's Art & Science World says

    She’s so cute

  5. Rachel Disisto says

    Alice be sounding like robin from stranger things. Like if you agree

  6. Jun Hui says

    I feel sorry for her throat, I mean the pink hair lady? I felt like I'm having a sore throat the whole video

  7. Tahia Khan says


  8. Tahia Khan says

    alix is the winer

  9. S.N. says

    the girl was definitely not the most amazing girl i have ever seen in tasty

  10. Alexander Petrohv says

    She is so happy using cake mix…. Lol

  11. Anna Kim says

    I'm going to put mainey……… -Oh your putting mainey? -no….. not anymore…

  12. Anna Kim says

    Are you gonna make your waffles from scratch?? -uhhhh no…. -Later makes waffle tHatS LiFe

  13. Anna Kim says

    Doesnt Like Alix talk a little bit like Debby Ryan from JESSIE?

  14. Anna Kim says

    question-dO yOu kNow wHat aN iCe pRinCeSs eAts? Answer-sAndWiTch

  15. Hot Cheeto’s21 says

    Awwwwww she’s so cute ❤️❤️

  16. ꧁ Kaily Maily ꧂ says

    In the beginning she looks like force too smile plus why is she showing her teeth?

  17. aka_ Aza says

    0:09 I can’t believe they actually made her do this 😂😂

  18. Monkeyboi19 20 says

    It seams like you loved them both: Girl:hahhaha NO

  19. Jomon Thomas says

    i wish i got that food

  20. Yasmin Hussain says

    Yummy 👩‍🍳

  21. StylerZainab And StylerZully says

    12:03…GURL U OKI THERE?

  22. Taylor Bread says

    Her: These are the really easy one and I did the hards onesMe: laughing

  23. 𝕋𝔸𝕄𝕄𝕐シ says

    The girl is too young to know what she likes and doesn’t like

  24. Liviosa Little says

    If i was on this show when i was 7 i would say i would eat a unicorns head. Jeez 7 year old me

  25. Roslyn Darum says

    Alix dish is sooo funny

  26. SavageKiddsTV MZCALAD says

    Can we just take a moment and realize how adorable the little girl is!!

  27. Kauralie Bois says

    12:11 this warmed my ❤️ She literally screamed “MANGO” in the cutest way possible

  28. sukamal mandal says

    She is the little version of camila cabello.

  29. Frances Fabiani says

    Im going to draw my snow man friend We play hide and seekHide and seek is dangerous

  30. Katie Kitten says


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