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The best European castle is in Carcassonne France. French travelers can visit and even stay within the wall of the medieval castle. This well done travel video on Carcassonne Castle in France is a must see for anyone who travels to France on vacation.

Carcassonne Cité was built in the second half of the 19th century by Romans in the 1st century BC, Carcassonne has been occupied by the Visigoths in the 5th century, Charlemagne and Dame Carcas, in the 8th century, the Albigensians in the 13th century. Carcassonne is a fantasy vacation and a must see for those who love medieval castles.

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  1. StarsShineForYou63 says

    Carcassonne gives money for corrida
    don't give your money to this town

  2. Robert Netten says

    Beautiful video. Exquisite place. Popes only ever lived in Avignon. The lady who is making the comments has quite an annoying voice at the end!

  3. jaksap says

    Ridiculous. She travels across the Atlantic so she can curl up and read a book!? The pope and the king loitered here? You got it all wrong. Even the medieval town is not authentic, but reconstructed.

  4. Anon A. Mouse says

    To imagine – so many Mediaeval European cities were all like this walled against constant attack, pillage, rape and God knows what? from animalistic heretics, religious zealots, usurpers and ancient real estate grabbers daubed with woad. Today they're all confined happily and dreamily within safe city walls under peculiar YouTube and Facebook names safe and sound so long as they don't act on their fantasies. Lol

  5. 19Edurne says

    I don't think the Pope ever lived in Carcassonne. You must have meant Avignon.

  6. Jessie Ying says

    is chateau comtal the castle of carcassonne romanesque or gothic?

  7. kernowrock555 says

    @datagrant oh ! sorry! It 's very interesting.. I didn;tmean to be so cheeky! 🙂

  8. kernowrock555 says

    @datagrant oh ! sorry! It 's very interesting.. I didn;tmean to be so cheeky! 🙂

  9. Jade Justice says

    @datagrant Hi! lovely video. i am planning on visiting the castle in june, do you know how much it is to enter? or is it free? thanks 🙂

  10. xenomorphelv426 says

    @almodovare1 you wrong, France is invaded by Africans…

  11. bizopps says

    @TemplarX2, I made my apologies before (see below my answer to scarjackass) but it was in french. I'm very sorry if i have offended anyone, i talked under the power of emotion. English are very welcome to visit our country… at the condition they don't bring us the rain!!! OK, i was just joking on this last one (lol!) Peace!

    PS: Your reflection about muslims makes me think that you are not tolerant to other cultures too. Anyway i don't want to engage a debate here!

  12. Quetzalcoatl says

    @almodovare1 You'd rather see muslims there? I'm of French ancestry and I think you are being a dipshit by thinking the English are harmful to France. If anything we should have all the English moving to France and deport all muslims to England.

  13. Davidsbeenhere says

    Wow it really amazing castle.
    Check out my world traveling channel and watch my videos.
    Thank you guys 🙂

  14. Barging Through France says

    I love Carcassonne Cité. I made a stop there in my video series Barging Through France.

  15. Alison Fluharty says

    I loved seeing Carcassonne this past summer! I really hope I can go back to France someday. Help me go to France again by watching my contest video!

  16. Alison Fluharty says

    I loved seeing Carcassonne this past summer! The renovations that were made to Carcassonne make it so pretty. I really hope I can go back to France someday. Please help me go to France again by watching my contest video about how I would convince my parents to let me to go France.

  17. Brian Stephens says

    Carcassonne is fabulous and so is the whole area surrounding it. We loved it here so much we moved to France and live about 10 minutes from the Canal Du Midi and half an hour from Carcassonne. We know the Best Western hotel as we visit La Cite regularly. We rent out a self catering apartment in the country which you can find via my user name if you are interested.

  18. bizopps says

    @scarjackass, OK, je parlais sous l'effet de l'émotion et m'étais peut-être un peu trop emporté… Je m'excuse (I am ssoooooooorrrrryyyyyyyy!!!) pour tout ceux – anglais en particulier – que j'ai pu froisser. Les anglais sont les bienvenus chez nous et peuvent s'installer dans nos villages tant qu'ils ne nous apportent pas la pluie !… OK! Je plaisantais sur cette dernière ! (lol)

  19. scarjackass says

    @almodovare1 e suppose que t'es français ! t'es bête de dire ça ? c'est vrai que dans nos village du sud ya de plus en plus d'anglais et en plus ils sont super sympas ! personnelement je n'ai amais eu de problmèmes avec eux! et puis sache que 350 000 français vivent à Londres !

  20. ZorbaFayot says

    Another city to visit, close to the walls of Carcassonne :­s

  21. Promethus8 says

    you guys do know that the English royalty has claim over the French crown due to the royalty marriage between the French and English, that and the fact northern France use to belong to the English crown, yes location Normandy, Brittany, Gascony all were at one point under English crown Rule until KIng John of England lost them to the French, also parts of southern France it was called the Angevin Empire ruled by the Normans(aka the English royal line).

  22. xenotypos says

    @almodovare1 Not hurted at all, I'm French : p
    If I'm not wrong wasp are more than 60% of the american pop, and the only whites not included are the hispanics ones (a multi-ethnic group). ~~I think the official categorisation in usa is a little weird.
    Once Irish catholic immigrants was not "wasp" (protestants), but now they are…

  23. bizopps says

    @xenotypos yes, you may be right! Sorry if my comment hurted some people here.

  24. xenotypos says

    @almodovare1 -> Erf no. Even among the category "wasp" (so called "white americans anglo-saxons"), there are in fact a huge proportion of non-anglo-saxons, coming from all the european white nations since the beginning of this country (especially while europeans wars for example).
    And now with the worldwide immigration it's even quite another story, but the majority of the population remains european though.

  25. xenotypos says

    @chrisbreizh29 You're so right…
    The tragedy of the France, even more for the futur.

  26. MrJamontoroja says

    En la región del Languedoc Rousillon, en Francia, se encuentra Carcassone.
    Carcassone tiene la virtud de conquistar al viajero, es difícil resistirse al encanto de esta ciudad que domina unas llanuras llenas de vides y la garriga de Corbères……HONDARRIBIA – ESPAÑA

  27. lordgunner TGSTEL says

    not the crusade or 1oo yrs war..actually cathare were christian who believe two go (1 good and 1 bad)exist. not good enough for the Church in charge who decide that the cathare should convert to the normal christian church or die. the cathare decide to fight back and got slaughter.some town where destroy to the ground with their people slaughter

    born and bread in carcassonne, 🙂
    elyurita carcassonne is in languedoc, the french catalonia is roussillon with Perpignan as main city

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