Is it that android game?

  2. Wajahat Munir says

    I tested every single of the websites for free free coins and gems for free, and just Gamecrook was not fake.

  3. GojiraHead666 says

    played this game back in 2013 on mobile haha

  4. Annas Tampogao says

    I can't believe that I finally found a web app that works. Got so many free gems and gold from Gamecrook.

  5. Arnav Behari says

    Normal people: windViper: waaaaainde.

  6. Twandepan says

    I think a “content” aspect would be useful in your reviews. Some racing games (mostly arcade ones) don’t offer much in realism but excel in sheer volume in content which make them fun to play. Keep up the great work.

  7. rcsibiu says

    For unknown reason I feel like it's easier to drift in Assetto Corsa than CarX Drift Online…

  8. Ray .F says

    I played this game for years as well and I think for how much it costs, it's actually worth it.Also, this is not just a mobile game ported to PC, the playerbases are separated, there's no crossplay between mobile and PC (although there is cross play with consoles).I have a g29 but i rather treat this game as a casual game to unwind and 'drift' with a keyboard instead, really relaxing (unless you play online on servers with collision on)Good game nonetheless!Also, for the people who didn't know viperconcept did a beamng review already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1eP7HAh6O0

  9. Douglas Pires says

    Real racing 3 review

  10. Charlie matika says

    Just play Forza bro 😂

  11. Fabian Klingelfuss says

    please try drifting stock cars in Assetto Corsaandto you reviews, in "immersion", you could at sound quality/realism.. car sounds obviously. Engine, or even suspension…

  12. Liana Wijaya says

    Pls i subscribed

  13. Liana Wijaya says

    Assoluto racing

  14. Liana Wijaya says

    @viperconcept made video review "assoluto racing" "assoluto racing"

  15. silverado punked says

    Why is he talking?

  16. Tuna says

    Why doesnt viper mention the fact that this review is sponsored…?

  17. Martin Chandra says

    Gotta say CarX have come a long way from just a small mobile game

  18. Zakiev Omar says

    They are actually making a new game called CarX Street and it kinda has the tokyo night feel in to it and i think they will reveal it on november 3th thats why there has been a late update on car x cause they are porting this game to both ps4 and xbox one later on to nintendo switch

  19. Marcello Giovannini says

    Sei italiano per caso?

  20. Channel Kobe says

    Very nice videos! Can you please do a video review of rFactor 2? Great job!

  21. paul netzel says

    its still crazy to hear your voice! i subscribed back in 2016 i think. i agree this is an arcade game through and through.

  22. Otherface says

    CarX drift shows that even a mobile game can compete in consoles

  23. Meterora says

    assetto corsa with good drift car mods is also pretty good to fun with drifting!

  24. NEmergix says

    Will you review art of rally ? that would be epic !

  25. BERtZE says

    So you'll begin to drift also in PC2?:)

  26. Sic Lusifer says


  27. V2-Archive says

    Maybe we could try the next game like this:BeamNG.drive What do you say ?

  28. Jazley says

    u dont gotta use the handbrake to drift

  29. Михаил says

    It seems the game has all necessary features to get basic skills for drift…. Did You like that funny square car…? It presents a lot…)))) Bmo your speech pretty well so subs are not realy needed…

  30. Pablo Oro says

    Podrias hacer una review del juego "Torque Drift"?

  31. ThatExtraGuy says

    Everytime VC says "engine" it sounds like "enzyme" xDDD

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