Catamaran HARDTOP Build Part 4 – Onboard Lifestyle ep.138


On this week’s episode of Onboard Lifestyle we start laying down fiberglass fabric on the new hardtop substrate for our 435 catamaran SV basik. We work well as a team as we muscle through this project layer by layer. Come back next week to see what we get done…see you then!

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  1. Sailing Ohana says

    Just out of curiosity…..why didn’t you alternate the cloth layers for added strength? Seems like there would be weak points at the seams, and alternating the layers might have eliminated that. I am not questioning what your doing as I am no expert, just asking so as to understand.

  2. Jerry Barrett says

    Great job on the hardtop, it will weather many storms and keep everyone dry and out of the strong sun rays. Excellent close Emma, understandable, concise and smooth. Great delivery! Get book one read, number two is on the way. It should be in Seattle by now. Have a great week and Thanksgiving 🐻🙏

  3. John Keegan says

    Oh, Master of all things Fiberglass, your technique is perfect, as always. The attention to detail will produce a strong and light final product! I look forward to seeing how you mount the hardtop to its legs and to the roof of the bridge. Will you have a dodger or some other wind and rain protection for the helm seat?

  4. Rene M says

    Impressive the attention to detail you have

  5. Tim Miller says

    This is Tammie commenting. Tim watched with me but then had to leave for work. I got to be the one hundred and first like! Cool! At least you had fair weather while fairing the hardtop. I like it when you do projects. I probably like it a bit more than you do…haha! It's looking fantastic of course. Teal doesn't half-### anything! Lihn, either do you! How did you feel the next day after your game? Whew! You go girl!

  6. Jay Johnston says

    More More MORE!!! Too SHORT!!
    Great work and progress.
    Cheers 🙂

  7. mark moore says

    Compass Outro! My Friday is complete!

  8. Nick Garcia says

    I also watch Sail Life and love the channel. Yes it would be nice to have the fancy equipment. I think you be better equip should you have to make repairs in places where you have to make due with what you can find. I love to watch how you guys work together as a family. I take it Compass is more of a supervisor on all the projects. ❤

  9. steve secord says

    Why didn't you use 3D fiberglass

  10. Henry Lau says

    Love it! and please keep them coming. Take care and cheers from Canada

  11. Itsp3rsonal says

    Outstanding attn to Detail !!

  12. Michael Martinez says
  13. Simon TV says

    Shouldn't you lay the cloth over the seams, like a brick work? Also shouldn't the paste be put down in smaller bits as it will dry too soon?

  14. Trev Hedges says

    Very cool! But no cooking this week? : ( Oh well! Great work guys!

  15. mike myers says

    Its looking good, wish the video was longer 👍👍❤️❤️

  16. Yonatan Ben Avraham says

    Teal has OCD just like me. He always sees the small details and nothing is too small to take into account. Thank you for the details, the devil is in the details! Another great Vlog! Blessings for health and wealth from the mountains of the Galilee in Israel.

  17. Lake Erie Fishing Charters says

    Awesome to watch! Don't use up all of that great weather, I'll be out there next week!!! 😎🎣🎣🎣

  18. Charles Schaefer says

    Another great video as always … I want to ask why when you're working the cloth just after Lihn says it mesmerizing to watch, I notice that you would work up to an area then work around it to come back to it and roll it out. Why? I haven't done much glass work so I'm curious.

  19. Glen Peters says

    At the start of this video it occurred to me that you are so lucky that you didn't have build your hulls, Linh may well have been an alcoholic with all of that ' thickened epoxy'.
    I am curious (and a little impatient) to find out what you do to seal the edges, if possible can you go through what options you considered and how you came to your final
    As always stay safe and keep having fun..

  20. John Davis says

    Life on the hard looks like its agreeing with you! Remember to buy some more puppy food for Compass! I received my coffee cup from Spring Tee; now every time I drink coffee, I think of "HARDENED EPOXY!!" 😁😁

  21. Mark Mateljan says

    Thanks again, as always your on top of things.

  22. Ron Buckner says

    Another good one. Ladies you make these video's pop. Teal is informative, but it's obvious your both the comic relief. Good job. Great balence.

  23. John Humin says

    Teamwork goes a long ways as a family you guys are great stay safe and it’s looking good teal

  24. Halio1984 says

    you guys really need the mixing buckets so you don't have to do it by pump. you can also get half a gallon sized containers…

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